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typed update on Bettas

ok so i have been busy and will be busy so not online much.

TANK 1 Bronxie Cinder Scarlet and B1 (bristlenosed catfish)

Bronxie started at the bottom of the food chain, for the first few weeks Cinder really laid into her, Scarlet opted to hide (wuss!) but Bronxie being such a curious and happy want to be in my face everytime i pass the tank, got a good belting.
Sooooo i decided a change of tank for her. i switched her with Rayne into the other tank to live with Ailie, Caela, Lexi and B2 (bristlenose catfish)
I decided on changing these two it took me a maybe 2 minutes to pick Rayne for the tank swap as shes the first female i will be breeding and if Bronxies horrible attacking continues i dont want Rayne in the firing line.

Since the tank swap not a single nip or horrid look from bronxie. she is MUCH happier.
Tank 1: cinder seems to have healed a good amount and comes out at feed time, Scarlet (cinder stole her hiding hole in the log, so took up residency behind the filter) comes out more often now and seems to be all round happier :)

Tank two (bronxies new tank) is quiet no fin damage at all and shes been in there three days now.

Sheldons a vt and his tail seems to look as if someones pinched and twisted it into three spikes (ill get pics tomorrow maybe)
pippin has regrown his damage from march (tail biting)
ceds is regrowing nicely
Fredric has tail bitten a little not a lot.
spongebob stopped nesting, hopefully he will be ok in a few weeks for his spawning (month or so away)
Louies his piggy self
Melvin is happy as is Nero
Benny has decided he wants to be a steel blue short fin rather then a navy and white vt butterfly ( O_o )
Charz is much happier. he stopped eating after the attack and didnt eat for a week -refused pellets- then i tried him on frozen (and thawed ) brine shrimp, after still refusing pellets for two days after the BS i gave in and fed the others pellets and him BS. then i bought Daphina and Bloodworms and he began eating them AND pellets again spread out. the others love the daph and the bloodies (obviously) but i also tried them all on some Mysis shrimp my partner has for his reef tank. they went down a treat!

Charz is almost ready to be reintroduced into the display tank thats gone from a 8 bay, to a 9 bay and now a ten bay. no more boys till i get more room.

I was quite disappointed in my local "GOOD" store. I went in and looked at their bettas, the girls were TINY AS! like 2cm long
the males all looked ok one boy was pretty nice he was pastel but my heart went out to a lil red dude. I told her he looked bad she knew who i was talking about apparently shes had him in and out of the tanks out back in and out of treatments but he gets perky and happy then she returns him to the sale tanks and he clamps up and gets sickly looking. I was almost tempted to purchase him just to give him a better life.

Looking at him theres nothing physically wrong i think its emotional, i think he feel scared about being in the strange tank, i know Ced went all clampy after benny attacked him and i took him out for a week and he refused to be happy in his bay so i took him out a few more days and reintroduced him slowly putting him where he was only beside one quiet fish (spongebob) till he perked up then returned him to his bay. it worked a treat.
but my partner groaned said NO MORE FISH (ATM) and never to buy a pitty fish but i know whats wrong and her treating him for all the sickness's could be more harm then good. she has over 50 bettas at a time so cant really give them as much TLC as he seems to need.....

sooooooo thats about it for my tanks.
till next time ;)
Abby and Fishus
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