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My first spawn!

I am new at this breeding thing, but I am proud to announce my first spawn! My first pair didn't work out, and it was probably for the best. I had meanwhile been conditioning another pair with misquito larvea and frozen bloodworms (I live down south), and they just spawned today! They wrapped about three times and only produced about 30 eggs. Female is removed (of course), but I am worried that the dad is not being too attentive to the eggs. Regardless, here are the photos of the proud parents....

Daddy is a very interesting Cellophane/Marble doubletail, and mom is a green veiltail. What kind of babies do you think we will have from this pair? Daddy is one of the most interesting fish DT's I have seen...I guess he would be considered a butterly, because he has some color to his body and the first portion of his tail (mostly solid white, with a splash of red and blue), but the rest of his tail is completely transparent. His overall coloration affect is light pink and blue. Mom is a very even tempered, green iredescent VT.

I have three liters of baby brine shrimp ready to go, and more batches in the making (way overkill). I don't know what else to do to prepare! Dad and spawn are in a 20 gallon tank with about 8 inches of water set at 80 degrees. Any other advice for a neophyte breeder?
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BTW, I apologize for the bad pics. I can't seem to figure out how to focus or shrink them! Photographer, I am not...
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When feeding is best to feed only newly hatched BBS with the yolk sac intact otherwise they have very little nutrition and the Betta fry can starve from lack of nutrition......

I would wait until the fry hatch before you start the BBS hatchery-you don't need to start feeding the fry until they are free swimming and have absorbed their yolk sac and then get two hatcheries going 24 hours apart

Once you start adding live food you need to start adding water to dilute any pollution created by uneaten food and waste....I like to use common snails and lots of live plants to help with water quality issue

What method did you use, any live plants and snails....if so, you should already have some microorganisms in the tank for a day or so that the fry will feed on

Do you plan to keep the male in with them long term or do you plan to remove him once they are free swimming.....

It can be really rewarding and fun raising you own Bettas from spawn to adult......again congrats...look forward to pics.....
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You will end up with a beautiful spawn for sure! :)

Ive found its better not to disturb the dad much for the first few days :P

Congrats and Good luck :)
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