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Exclamation When is the chasing too much? Please advise.

How do you know when the aggression will never move to spawning?

(I have been preparing for this for the last 2 weeks, everything is exactly how it should be concerning set up and conditioning.)

I am extra paranoid and dont want to see my fish be hurt or stressed out.

She displayed all signs of readiness, they swam around and around together before I let her out of the glass chimney. (took pics) She gets out and the male chases all over, they play hide and seek. He goes back to the nest and then looks for her again.

Two times they swam together, then under the nest. All the sudden back to chasing and hiding. I thought it was about to happen but they decided NOPE!

She is never wearing her stress/fear stripes at all. She is not going pale or losing her breeding stripes through this whole ordeal. But she is getting a scrapy looking tail so far as damages go...

When is it too much? When do I pull her out or put her back in the glass chimney? Admitedly I already put her back for about 30 mins to rest before releasing her again.

Some advise on this would be -very- appreciated. Thank you :)
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Depending on how your spawning tank is long as you have plenty of places for her to get away from the male to rest, be out of his line of sight...I would leave them together until they spawn...sometimes it can take a few days....all depending on how you conditioned them, readiness long as she is not in distress, panting, clamped etc....some nipped fins are normal and expected...

It is normal for them to chase, play tag...etc.....and just when you think it is going to happen..he attacks....all normal...this may go on several hours to days...again depending on many factors-this can vary......usually the female will approach the nest in the head down position...sometimes the male will go to her swimming in the "S" pattern-slapping her in the face with his tail and she will follow him to the nest with her head down.....usually the first few embraces may not result in any eggs released or the male may not be able to embrace her properly and one or the other gets frustrated and attacks and it all start over again....leave them alone as long as neither are in acute distress.......sometime you have to put them to bed, turn out the light and first thing in the AM they may be seen spawning or spawning may already be completed....spawning varies from one spawn to the next......

Try not to intervene and especially try not to stick your hands in the tank......leave them alone as much as you can...keep your distance...but you gotta watch....the spawning act of this species is awesome to witness......

I have found by using a full to the top with water 10gal tank and lots and lots of live plants-helps in several ways-it helps prevent premature egg drop, gives good places for the female to get away to rest...full tank of water help to prevent accidents of eggs being knocked out of the nest and the volume itself provides more room and safety for both to get away

I have found by using live foods like mosquito larva, guppy fry get them in condition better/faster when mass fed...this is a natural trigger..instinct tell the fish when they have lots of food it is time to reproduce.....

I have found spawning and rearing in water temp of 80F I get good hatch that is not too fast....too fast can result in weak fry and poor growth/development....

Good luck and hope to see some pics....
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Thanks ALOT! Serval times again they have done the little dance under the nest, the decided to change their minds. I am PRAYING I dont miss it lol... But I have to go outside for about an hour... Watch it happen... DANG lol...

Will have pics when possible. Thanks again!
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Good luck with your spawn.
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