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Twilight Storm
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Thanks shinybetta. :) I will definitely NOT be looking into getting any to live with bettas then. :) Still pretty cool critters. I saw in Missouri they are banned, and they overtook and destroyed wild populations of European crayfish species because they got loose. They are like Tribbles of the crayfish world. (Yeah I am kind of geeky and old quoting an old star trek episode, but it was one of my favorites lol) Just so you know, between this thread and another talking about these pvc pipe elbows, I have all kinds of ideas on decorating them now lol. (Using aquarium sealant and gravel to make them look more natural. I am being overly cautious and only bought 1 so far since I still am not 100% sure that they do not leech anything that will kill my bettas. Regardless ty :D)

Originally Posted by shinybetta View Post
I feed them Hikari algea wafers and bottom feeder pellets. I am going to add more things later, but for now I have three PVC pipes. Straight, elbow, and T shaped. The only problem with this tank is that large rubbermaid containers can bow out, but it isn't to hard to fix.
I was wondering about the shape of the container. I had to look twice to see it was a regular storage box at first. :D How do you correct the bowing? Just bracing the top with something?

Good luck and ty :)
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The cheapest way to fix it is to put a metal (or wood, plastic, etc...) rod on each side that prevents it from bowing. I don't really care if it bows, as this isn't a show tank. Another way would be to install a glass pane on each side to hold it.
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