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Question about tank set ups. Heaters and Filters.

So, I was wondering after looking at everyone's postings and pictures of peoples set ups.

Here are some questions. Please note that I have fliters and heaters. I just am curious about the answers to questions.

1. Do you -NEED- a filter? If you don't use one, how often for water changes compared to if you do have one?

2. Heaters. Some people do, some people don't. Why? Does the temp effect health or longevity?

That's it for now. Thanks!
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Canuck Fins
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A filter is key if you want to cycle your tank. (Cycle means bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrates to nitrites which are less harmful for the fish. Think contained ecosystem.) That said, it's hard to keep a stable cycle in a smaller tank so 3g and smaller often don't have filters. In a 5G or larger, you need a filter to cycle. The filter is a place for the bacteria to live and grow. A cycle means you don't need to do as frequent water changes and never 100% water changes.

The heater is a must unless you live somewhere really tropical yourself. Bettas are happiest at 76 to 82* steady temperature. There are challenges with the really small tanks like the 1 and 1.5 gallons to finding a heater, but for 2.5 and up, there are lots of options. A tank will stay a few degrees under room temperature without a heater; that's not enough in most cases.

Does that help?
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1. filters = not a must in my opinion if u you have a smaller tank but makes keeping your tank a bit cleaner easier, unles you want to be doing full water changes everyother day

2. Heater= i believe a must , ive owned 3 betas in the past and didnt have heater for them and they lived a long time but reflecting back now i dont think they were happy

my current fish which you see in my avatar , jaws , lives in a 1gallon with a heater and filter and is probaly the happiest , healthiest betta ive owned. I keep him @ 80 degrees
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Old 05-06-2011, 06:51 AM   #4 
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A heater AND thermometer are a must. Both are relatively inexpensive. Try and get an adjustable heater if you can in case your fish gets sick and you need to mess with it.
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