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Question Rebuilding

So, my beloved Betta, Vegas, died last week from horrible columnaris. I'm really sad about it, but want to someday soon to get a new Betta!

My question is, how do I make SURE that the tank is clean and clear of this? It's a 2.5 gallon acrylic tank, and am actually thinking about just going out and getting a new one all together, just to be sure. What about the gravel and such? I had live plants in there, but for some reason have nothing but problems with them, so I think I'm going to stick with silk plants this next time around. What is the best way to be certain that my new fish will be safe from catching this disease from the rocks and such??

TIA! <3
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The bacteria responsible for columnaris is always in the tank and no matter how much you clean it will be in the tank....Columnaris has two strains-fast moving that eats the flesh and you will see open wounds and the fish usually die within 12-24h...then the slow moving that the fish can recover from if caught and treated early.

Because this is an ever-present pathogen-you have to take steps to prevent it from infecting the fish.......proper water changes to maintain water quality, avoiding extreme temp changes, good nutrition....that in turn help support a strong active immune response........

In the 2.5gal tank-I would do a complete tear down and rinse everything in warm running water...then set it back up...

Do you have a filter, what kind/how many live plants and what type of lights do you have and kelvin rating on the bulb, age of the bulb, photoperiod, what was you water change schedule and what was the water temp, type of additives used.....

Sorry for your loss btw....
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