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Not eventually. Not in a tiny bit. ASAP. Now. Pronto. Why do you have 4 bettas in a 5 gallon tank? You are extremely overstocked.... better yet, why did your betta fish numbers go from 2 to 4? You were in a with a male and female in a 5 gallon as it was.

Right now, I'd almost say just go ahead and do 100% water changes every other day. You're at pretty much 1.25 gallons per betta. Get your girls their own tank. If you want them all in a tank, I'd advise a 10 gallon divided 3 ways. Sororities are risky business. Bettas blow bubble nests; it's what they do. My male Kaimar was blowing a bubble nest in a disgusting cold cup when I bought him. I highly doubt they are any where near ready to breed, and neither are you.

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Originally Posted by ChelseaK View Post
I would suggest a LOT more research before you attempt breeding. You don't want to end up with dead fish. Plus, people on this forum get really mad when people try to breed without doing their homework first (note:I've seen a few of these people get banned from the site).

Just my two cents: It's a lot harder than you think, and even more so when you haven't done the research.
People don't get banned just because they haven't done their research and people get mad at them. They get banned for starting trouble or being a troll. The purpose of this breeding section is so members can come here and ask questions of the more experienced breeders. Everyone has different experiences and ways to do things.Sometimes members get a little "opinionated" or blunt but they aren't trying to be rude, they only want what's best for the fish.
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