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instead of cycling can you use water form a mature aquarium?

I've always wondered this? I know you still need to have the filter going for a few days still before it's ready, but would this be possible?

(just wondering for future tanks)
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cycling doesnt have to do with the water in the tanks. cycling is the process by which you develop ammonia eating bacteria cultures on your filter media. you can speed up the process by swishing around a filter from a cycled tank in the new tanks water, or using a filter from an established tank (permanently though)
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It takes a while for a tank to truly cycle, though apart from time, it's super easy to cycle tanks. using water from a cycled tank will do nothing for you seeing as the bactiera lives in the filter media and on surface areas of a cycled tank. If the thought daunts you, then depending on the size of the tank, you don't even have to cycle. In something like a 2.5 gallon tank, you'd be doing two 50% and one 100% water changes a week, so it's not that bad. If you have a larger tank like a 10 gallon tank and only have one fish (betta) in there, you could do a fish-in-cycle tank. All you would have to do is do a partial water change once a week, and all you'd have to have is filter media that is permanantly in a constantly running filter.
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