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Old 05-08-2011, 11:54 AM   #1 
Siamese Fighting Fish
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Lightbulb Are heaters really necessary?

I used to have a Betta many years ago, and we NEVER had a heater, and the room wasn't cold nor was it warm, just in between.
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Well considering everyone has different tolerance levels as to what they deem as warm and cold in terms of room temperature, you will need to be more detailed...

Buy a 3 dollar thermometer place it in the tank and monitor the temperature day and night. Will give you a good idea whether or not a heater is needed.
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yes heaters are necessary unless u live in a place that ais crazy hot all the time day n night..

betta tanks should be kept at 78-82*F the usuall sweet spot is around 80*

they should not be kept in direct sunlight, or any aquarium for that matter, the sun light promotes algae growth....and uncontrollable temperature fluctuations

when the tank is too cold their immune systems can be weakened and make them more acceptable to sickness and being lethargic..

just remember your water is usually 5-10* cooler than what the room temp is...
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...I keep two of my bettas in front of a window, they both have heaters to keep the temp a specific range, the direct sunlight doesn't bother them or the temps. But I do have a shade cover the top of the windows.
If you don't mind cleaning, the algae isn't bad for them, it's just unsightly. I haven't gotten any though from keeping them in front of the windows.

Heaters are needed unless the the waters stay at a warmer temp like everyone said, and it does not fluctuate.
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Where I live is extremely hot all the time. To make it worse, we don't use A/C! So I don't have heaters or my fishies would fry! But, sometime during the winter (because we don't use heat, either) it can get chilly. So when those few cold weeks scattered around winter come along, I think I'll get one. That way I don't have to balance the temperature myself.

I think no matter where you live is useful. Yesterday was 100* but next week it can be 85*. You can't control the weather! LOL! But if your house always is set for the same temperature (around 82*-85*) then you should be okay. Anything colder than that will make your tanks cold. And no, being at 70* isn't going to *kill* them, it just weakens their immune system, makes them stressed out, and makes them lathargic.

The irony? The *hotter* it is outside the more you'll need a heater. Why? Because in most house holds that's when they kick on high A/C and it makes their house/apartment *colder* than during the winter!

Buy a $2 thermometer from WalMart and moniter the temp. If it's generally below 77* then I would get a heater.

Good luck!
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