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MOVING! & a question about filters?

I hope this is the right place for this question. If not, feel free to move it/tell me how to move it. :)

I just moved Martini, my Beta, into his new home. A MUCH larger tank, that he is already absolutely in LOVE with. He seems much, much happier.

I have a few questions, though. Sorry if they're "newb" questions .. haven't been a beta owner for very long.

1 - is it normal for him to be so curious about his new tank? He's literally swimming around everywhere, looking at everything. He SEEMS happy, I just wanna make sure he isn't stressed out.

2 - Is it normal for him to be so interested in his reflection? His old tank was a plastic one, and he couldn't see himself. Now that he can, he will sit for what seems like ever, just starting at his reflection. Lol.

3 - Do I HAVE to baffle his filter? It's the right sized filter for the tank,and he doesn't seem to mind it at all. He swims around where the water comes out, and doesn't seem stressed/upset atall. I just wanna make sure there isn't OTHER reasons to do this.

Thanks so much in advance, everyone!

ETA another question.

I have a house kind've decoration in there .. that doesn't sit totally flat on the bottom of the tank. He seems interested with going underneath it. The hole(s) are large enough for him to easily go in/out, but I'm still worried about him getting in there and getting stuck. So far, he's come in and out with no ease, but should I still take it out?

He is swimming ALOT faster in the larger tank. Is this something I should be concerned about, or is it because he's in such a bigger space?

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1. Yes. Completely normal, don't worry. :)

2. Yes also. If he's not flaring at it, then he knows its him, and is just checking himself out. I have one betta that is so vain, if you wiggle your finger at him he comes out and struts back and forth across the tank for a few minutes.

3. No. None of my filters are baffled because none of my bettas care about them. I have some that intentionally ride the current for fun.

4. As long as he can easily get in/out, it should be fine.

5. Bettas like torpedo swimming occasionally.

Sounds like you have one happy betta. :)
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