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Exclamation Is This Accurate?

This is what is saw on aqadvisor for a betta in a 2.5 g with a mini bow filter. Is this accurate?

Note: Betta [Male] may jump - lids are recommended. They can become stressful under presence of too many shoaling species. Try to keep under 1 shoal if the tank is small. Individual bettas may exhibit varying degrees of aggression and care should be taken that exceptionally aggressive/territorial fish be separated from a community before any damage may occur.

Recommended temperature range: 75.2 - 86 F. [Display in Celsius]
Recommended pH range: 6 - 8.
Recommended hardness range: 5 - 15 dH.

You have plenty of aquarium filtration capacity.

Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is 136%.
Recommended water change schedule: 17% per week.
Your aquarium stocking level is 100%
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The water change schedule is way off (it always is on that site) but the rest is correct.

If your tank is filtered you might have forgotten to list the filter.

You also need to keep in mind that if you add fast growing stem plants and proper light that this becomes relatively inaccurate as the plants will often eat the ammonia of the single fish pretty easily in a 2.5 if there's enough plants and sunlight (simulated via lightbulb or actual sunlight).

But yeah If you're just getting a bowl/tank without a filter and no fast growing stem plants then this is accurate.

After all the golden rule for fish that are relatively clean and don't need tons of swim room is 1 gallon per inch of fully grown fish.

Betta fish when fully grown (regular betta fish) are 2.5 inches (Kings and Giants are of course much bigger) so they require about 2.5 gallons.

1 gallon containers are good for more experienced keepers and for temporary quarantine purposes when your fish is sick as they're easier to clean and you have to do 100% changes anyway.

But yeah. This may be off because if I remember correctly you're getting a 2.5 with a filter right? (or was that someone else?)

Add the filter specs in there and you'll get new numbers. Remember though, the new numbers only apply to cycled tanks, If you don't cycle it then these numbers still apply. =]
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Filter specs?
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