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My Betta is killing everything!! Any ideas?

Hey all,

I'm new to this whole forum thing so sorry if I'm doing anything wrong I'm sorry!!

I have a 23 litre tank, and have a Betta with 4 neon tetras and 2 loaches as tankmates. I cycled the tank for 3 weeks before adding anything, and yesterday added the fish. Since yesterday, my Betta has killed 2 of my tetras, quite violently too and they've suffered horrible painful deaths to which I was helpless :(

My Betta hasn't eaten anything since arriving, though food has been offered, but I'm wondering if he's hungry and preying on the fish instead?

Help me please!! xxx
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If I am correct 23 liters is the equivalent to 6 gallons. That is really small for all the fish you have put in there. It is very overstocked. Bettas are best when kept alone but can sometimes do well with tankmates if there is enough room. He could feel crowded and like they are in his territory. Or he could just be mean and not play well with others. I would stongly suggest separating them or if you can get a larger set-up.

He may not be hungry since he is killing your other fish. You won't really know though until you have him by himself.

And welcome to the forum! Your post was perfectly fine! :)
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Well first off, you are waaaaay overstocked. a 40 liter tank is the minimum for fish tank mates. The neons needs to be in schools of 6, in a 40 (preferably 80 liter) tank. The loaches need to be in groups as well. They can live with the neons if you get a 80 liter tank, if not, they might need their own 40 liter tank. Your betta ought to be in the 23 liter tank alone.

Bettas are fighting fish. They don't do well in community tanks, and certainly wouldn't do well in an overstocked tank full of really hyper fish that could stress them out.

When you say cycle, how did you cycle? What was your ammonia source for a fish out cycle. What were the parameters before you introduced the fish?

Even in a cycled tank, that'd be crazy. The bio load wouldn't be able to handle it.

Also, do not double post threads, post it once, and wait for a response. posting twice is useless, and pushes down other threads in both catagories.
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I'd suggest just having the betta by himself. At 23L that's going to be about 5.5-6 gal. It's recommended that bettas have about 2.5 just for themselves. In your tank I would suggest just the betta, especially since he seems rather aggressive. Otherwise I would just listen to the rest of the advice posted. Some bettas, as with some humans, just do not play well with others.
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