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After reading the very informative stickies in the breeding section, post your questions there. I have experience breeding bettas and there are a number of very experience breeders on here who would love to help you but you have to do some research first. I hope whatever you put the female in is heated?
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Me too, but I would prefer her to be a bit chilly for a night instead of being constantly picked on by the male or dead.
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If you want facts, go to , , , Read through these and other sites as well as the stickies here, you can also ask for help like you are doing now.

Your feeding is not enough. You should be feeding betta pellets (minimum of the first two ingredients have to be protein and it has to have a minimum of 40% protien). Most freeze dried foods are the fish equivalent of potatoe chips or fatty french fries. Flakes are messy and not really as nutritous as pellets.

If you are doing partial changes, you are doing a fish in cycle. If so, you must have a filter in that 5 gallon running 24/7 with filter media that'll stay in there all the time. You can clean the filter media by rinsing it out once a month in old tank water. In a 5 gallon with ONE fish, you have to do 50% water changes a week. In the five gallon (if it doesn't have a filter), you should be doing two 25% ever week and a 100% every other.

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i agree with all of them. you should read first, then ask specific questions. its kinda hard to answer if your question is "how to breed them" or something like that. its a very broad question that would require a very long answer. so you must read the basics and understand them. if you didn't understand something. or you are unsure of what's the next step, you could ask the people here, but be more specific. everybody's willing to help, just make sure that you also do your part first.
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