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"Eco Complete" Substrate?

Hi. I am thinking of switching to Eco Complete substrate. I have live plants and would like a black substrate in an case. In the information on the company's website, it says:
While Eco-Complete™ Planted does not affect pH and KH long term, you will find that it will give a small bump to both of these parameters initially, and this is especially noticeable with the use of RO /DI water. Fortunately this is just a small amount of Calcium Carbonate that is on, not in the substrate and it will dissipate with the first couple of water changes, usually in the first couple weeks. Planting the tank will also help. Keep in mind that one should never add particularly sensitive animals to a tank in the first few weeks anyway but that this is especially important with this situation if the animals are pH sensitive- requiring a low pH.
It would be a pain, though not undoable, to set up the tank and not have Kenpachi in it for a week or two. If I need to I will! Any thoughts on this? Experience with Eco Complete?

Thank you!
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I personally love Eco-Complete, and never had an issue with it :)

And my plants have been growing like weeds since I've used it. Even my anubias.
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I use eco-complete. I added it to an already-established tank (it had been substrate-less for several weeks prior while I was redecorating).

I just added the eco-complete with my fish still in there (betta, pygmy cory shoal, and some kuhlis). They didn't seem to mind and were actually being little curious pests and milling around my scooper!

The nice thing about eco-complete is that it's not messy or dusty (eco-complete is already wet in the bag), so you can add it straight to your water-filled tank without worrying about creating a big poof of dust and having to turn off your filter until it settles.

My plants do very well but I also supplement with fertilizer, CO2, and use a 6700K light. I recently posted a pic of my tank in the "Post pics of your betta home" thread if you'd like to see eco-complete in action.

Good luck!
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