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Old 05-13-2011, 11:26 PM   #1 
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My Fish Minions-- IMAGE HEAVY

I thought I'd share some pictures of what my mom calls the 'Betta Army.'

First, my three boys, all of them are PetCo finds.

First we have Sax (Yes named for the Kingdom Hearts Character), who, at one time was a Crowntail. He's my oldest betta, and also is the most aggressive, vicious, and twisted little guy ever... and he's a chronic tail biter. For the longest time, I thought he had fin rot and was treating him for such, then one day, I came in and saw him taking chunks out of his tail, as well as his other fins. He just gave me this look like, "Hey, look what I can do." He also flares at the sight of the dogs in my bedroom and he actually scares our puppy.

Next we have Niyol. He was labeled as a Halfmoon double tail, but I'm pretty sure he's a Halfmoon Plakat or something of the sort, though I could be totally wrong. He's a total riot and swims around showing off pretty much all day as long as someone's around, and he's almost always grumpy. I call him my guardian fish as his tank is on my bedside table, and whenever I roll over and wake up he's there to say 'good morning.' His nickname is Butthead. He's also the Betta in my avatar. I also really like taking photos of him cause of his coloring.

And last of the crew I bought, we have Ahote, who is also a Crowntail. He hates everyone except me for some reason, and particularly hates my former roommate. She watched them for me for a week and he refused to eat for her and would flare at her the minute she stuck her head into my bedroom. He parades his tank all day and any little movement causes interest. He also dances for his food.

And here's the Rescues-

This red veil is named Anya. He seems really easy going, he's got a few tears in his tail that I've been treating that he came with. He seems to like to show off for people.

And we have the blue veil who's a monster. He is generally just massive all around in comparison to my other Bettas. I've decided to call him Xerxes. He seems really laid back, but I think it's a ruse, particularly with the way he eats. I hate that spiky plant in the background. It came from his previous home, and it will be getting tossed when I shift him this weekend.

And we have Demyx, and yes another Kingdom Hearts reference. He's the fish that I'm struggling to get to eat. He's really skittish and a big wuss as far as male bettas go. He hides from his reflection, me, or anyone else, though turn your back and he'll flare at you then go hide again. I think it's because he was a daycare fish and all the kids kept tapping and hitting the glass. I think he's a Delta tail, but I have no idea. He's really pretty though. I wish he wasn't so skittish, this is the best image I have of him and it's not that great.

And there is your pic spam from me.
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Old 05-13-2011, 11:35 PM   #2 
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there all so pretty i should make a page with all my kids but it would take forever
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Old 05-13-2011, 11:58 PM   #3 
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I loved reading their stories and seeing the pics! Thanks for sharing! <3
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Old 05-14-2011, 02:27 AM   #4 
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They're all so pretty. And the stories were amusing ;)
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Old 05-14-2011, 04:17 AM   #5 
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Niyol is amazing O.O
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Old 05-14-2011, 08:52 AM   #6 
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Demyx is beautiful <3
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Old 05-14-2011, 01:06 PM   #7 
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There all amazing! I love kingdom hearts, I've been thinking about naming my next fish Roxas
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Old 05-14-2011, 01:32 PM   #8 
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I work at a daycare, went in friday and saw 2 dreaded bowls. Im like, Uhhhh? They got super excited, WERE GETTING FISH!. My heart sank:( Last day is thursday though for the summer, so there goes me fixing that situation. Maybe if I come back in the fall I can save them too!
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Very pretty fish, I love Niyol his color is beautiful!
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