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Please, anything but dropsy...

Hey all, I have been monitoring my fish Heroman for a few months now and he doesn't seem to be doing so hot on his sides. I incorrectly diagnosed it as dropsy at first, but it might still be it. It is not telltale dropsy if it is, and he has literally had these bumps for months.

Below is the image of Heroman that I just made up. I just moved him 15 miles today so I don't want to wake him up with a flash of a camera.
Anyways, the bumps aren't really yellow, I just needed to emphasize the position.

So the bumps are on his sides a little behind his gills. One side grew first, and I just noticed today that the other side is following in its tracks. It is somewhat tan in color, and the scales are somewhat raised. Imagine a snake that just ate a small creature.
He has no other raised scales on his body, does not have the swollen abdomen like telltale dropsy in betta and has not seemed too lethargic as of late.
I've tried not feeding him for a few days but to no avail. The bumps don't go down.
Other info: his fins are growing fine, he has a healthy appetite, no ick or velvet. He shares a 14 gallon tank with two snails who just had about 100 snail babies. They crawl around the sides of the tank and he has only shown interest in them several times.

Please let me know what you think is wrong with him!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll see if he'll let me take a pic tomorrow.
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We will be much more helpful for you if you could get us some pics when you get a chance :)
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I love your drawing...but we really need a from the side and above...

How big is his tank, how much and how often are the water changes water temp. filter, live plants, additive used, appetite, how long have you had him and how long has this been going on and have you treated with anything....any other signs/symptoms......
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