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Wishin' and Hopin'! Planning and Dreamin'..

I don't have immediate plans for a new tank, as I haven't figured out where I could put it. >< BUT I have money in my pocket, and I can't help but ponder the possibilities or visit Petco and window shop for my future fish...

Presently, Casper is in a 5.5 gallon planted tank by his lonesome. He had a tankmate, but our little nerite snail escaped. I'm perfectly happy with the
setup, and there's no need to upgrade, but boy would I like Casper to live happily in a community tank. Or I could set up a sorority!! So do I want a 10 gallon community +male betta? I'd probably keep my 5.5 running, get a second male, and put the more aggressive one of the two by himself. If I go with a 10 gallon, what could I have in addition to the male and a school of dwarf/pygmy cories?

I'm assuming that if I had a sorority (minimum of 5 females, right?) and wanted community fish along with them, I'd have to get a 20 gallon? Again, in addition to the cories, what could I add to a 20 gallon sorority?

I don't know if I've ever seen this, but if I had a lowlow visibility divider, could I have a 20 gallon split up, having 15 gallons a sorority and 5 gallons sectioned off for a male?

Though I have the money now, gosh I hope I don't run out tomorrow and spend $125+ on a tank setup tomorrow. Gotta take it slow.
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I belive your minimum for a community tank with a male betta is a 15 or 20 gal.The minimum for a sorrority female wise is 4 I started with 4 in my 10 gal. but found a beautiful all white DeT female at my LFS so now I have 5 in there I had a snail in there for awhile too, but they beat the poor guy up all the time so I moved him in with my HMPK who loves his snail.What kind of fish were you looking into for your community tank?
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you can go to to look up compatibility and overstocking issues. i have considered a community tank with my male. he's also in a 10 gal. right now i only have a mystery snail in with him. sometimes he's mean to him, but the majority of the time he leaves him alone. as far as i can see, the mystery snail has never been hurt, just annoyed. my betta, on the other hand, scuffed his face once. i think that taught him a valuable lesson!
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