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Noob questions

today i bought some frozen "brine shrimp"... are they the same as "baby brine shrim"??? if not... can i still use them to feed my bettas?? if so.. lol .. how do i use them !?.i mean, do i take a little bit of frozen brine shrimp and wait until it melts and them feed my bettas..or do i just take it out of the freezer and feed my bettas right away?....

Anothe q.

i also bought some ghost shrimp //// i know they can heat flakes .. but... do they eat from the bottom of the tank??? ...btw i have the ghost shrimp with my betta in a 10 g tanks...

thanks for ur help guys!
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help... lol... next time i will put a catchy name to my thread
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I think you can feed him the frozen stuff even if it isn't baby brine shrimp. Baby just means small which is what you want if you are feeding it freeze-dried/live and whole. With the frozen brine shrimp, all you need to do is break off a very small piece and feed it to your betta. The water will thaw the food. This is much less messy than trying to thaw it and feed it when it's all melty and slimy. Feed him the brine shrimp as a treat, though, not as an every day meal. Micropellets and flakes are best for that.

I don't know much about ghost shrimp but I was under the impression that they are bottom dwellers. They probably could eat flake but whether or not they will swim up to get it is another matter. If you can, try a small sinking food like a wafer or a tablet for the shrimp. Anyway, this is what I suggest based on what I know about ghost shrimp, but hopefully someone who knows more will reply with more info for you.
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I've got cherry shrimp, but I believe shrimp will just graze on plants, the substrate, decorations, etc. They'll just cruise around all day and continually pick up little micro bits of whatever they find. Food, algae, decaying plant material. Sometimes I'll just drop a tiny bit of an algae wafer in for the shrimp (if the fish don't get it first). They won't necessarily stay on the bottom... mine are usually in the plants or on the piece of wood my java fern is tied to, within the mess of tangled roots. Sometimes (not sure what they're thinking...) I see them just running laps around the perimeter of the tank (20 gallon) down on the gravel!

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