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That sounds good. Ill prob pass on the snails, they dont appeal to me, But i do want to get 2 ghost shrimp. What is a good and easy to maintain live plant i could get? i was looking at one called Anacharis that says its easy and sprouts and grows more. But i wasnt really feeling the way it looks. Any suggestions?
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Neil D
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Java moss is good! Wash it veeery well though, as it is known for snail infestations...

U had the same prob I did! My betta kept flaring at the black filter too! I put a paper towel there. Haha he's fine now...
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Canuck Fins
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I have java ferns. They are really easy. Mine are weighted down, not planted in the substrate. Great green colour and don't require a ton of light.
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Anacharis grows really well, needs only a little light, and sucks up ammonia. I'd get it. =] You can anchor it down in the gravel or leave it floating. Trust me the look of it will grow on you. ;] And you can get TONS of it for super cheap.

Java moss and Java fern are nice too.

if you're looking for a list of plants and their care requirements I suggest this thread. ;] You'll find what you need there. =]

For medium to high light plants (and low light plants will grow faster/benefit from this too) you'll want a Daylight (6,500 K(elvins)) Compact Fluorescent (CFL) bulb.

Since your tank is 5 gallons you'll want a bulb that's near 10 watts. I have a pair of 13 watts that I use for my 5 gallon (first bulb); and my 2 gallon, my quart, and my temp 1 gallon (second bulb).
They look like this:

They should fit into your light socket where the light that came with your tank is. =]
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