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Exclamation is this Fin Rot? aslo, split tail that shouldn't be? D:

I just got my Betta home a day or two ago. he has a split tail now, ( I've already added the FW AQ Salt and removed what I think he probably split it on ) but here's a video of him right before:
click ^-^
( the loud noise in the background was hail, not his filter or anything XD; )

you can't see the wilted effect, but you can see it here:
and he looks fairly similar to that, minus all the red.
is this fin rot, or just from being in the cup? he's a pretty grey-blue color but it's kindof drained looking so I suspect it's only greyish due to the color-loss caused by stress, and he currently as a stress line. :(
this morning, besides the split tail, I noticed he has red streaks on the fins that hang below the fins he uses for swimming, which I first thought was blood, and he's getting some red on the face just behind the eye, rust-colored right now, and I noticed this afternoon/evening that his tail fin is getting whiter, and his bottom plume ( from his stomach ) is developing some red tinges, as well as the bottom of his side right above it, which is turning red like his fins,
is this stress red marks, or is he just getting his colors back?
I think he's a VT, looks a lot like one,
and it would make sense for his fins to be a bit jagged, and those patterns to develop on him therefore....
he's very active and curious and friendly, he's eager to eat ( I feed him two pellets in the morning at ten and two at night at five and an occasional freeze-dried blood worm, but not more than one in a day and not every day. ) and in the mornings he's always at the top of the water just waiting and begging and I generally end up feeding him around 9:50 instead ><
he's started darting a LOT but not only on the surface,
the tank is currently being cycled but I'm scared I might end up stressing him more than helping him if I do a large water change right now?
someone told me to wait on them, since bettas CAN withstand higher ammonia levels if they have to.... what would you guys suggest? :/
I added some of the fresh water aquarium salt as I said, but no medicine yet.
I have a five gallon with a heater an a filter and three live plants.

also if I need to change water anyway, is 50 fine? I don't wanna kill the good bacteria; and how should I go about getting the new water to the temp of the old so it doens't stress him when I add it in? it's not room temp, it's heated, and we live in the NC mountains, so it's not gonna be the same temp D: should I just remove him with the ( cleaned ) aquarium cup he came home in and leave him there while I wait for the new water to heat up and level out and then float him for a bit before putting him back, or any suggestions? :/ thankyouu <3

he also has some black specks, I think this is just because he's so pale though and the darker specks are his normal color

I have also put a plastic leaf over the filter where the water enters to down the current a little. the sucking current is pretty much non-existent but as you can see here there is a pretty bad one where the water comes back in. it's not as bad now. ^-^ though tips to break it up are welcome as I do have to constantly re-arrange the leaf to try and spread it out and something more permanent would be nice if possible... the pink plant is gone, the blue one is still there; he likes to use the blue one to sleep behind. he doesn't swim through it ( it's really tiny ) so I think it's safe, and it is softer than the pink.

this looks CLOSE to what his red streaks are looking like, as close as I saw. so like the first image, but replace the red streaks to fit these and pronounce the one on the face behind the eye just a TAD more in boldness and a little thickness, but not shape or anything. it's not his whole face at all.

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