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Bits about me and my week long disappearances.

I was an absolute brat till I realized it wasn't really fun, then I decided to be a know-it-all.
I was a know-it-all until I ran into people who DID know more than me, so I became studious and precise.

Sometimes it can take a while for a person to find out what they're good at... and even longer to find out something they can make a living at.

Right now, at 38, I'm a year into the 3 year long apprenticeship necessary in Florida before they allow you to take a certification test for a pest control liscense. They're referred to as "PCO" but the original definition isn't quite what they mean now. So I'm getting field experience to apply knowledge I'm gaining from books, videos, learning in the field, seminars and industry magazines. Its quite a bit of knowledge and I'm not the kind of person to take a sentence at its precise meaning. I learned along the way that very VERY few concepts, situations or ideals will ever fit into a sentence no matter how well written.

So even though I work three hours each weekday morning I also learn for about three hours and then have to avoid thinking in-depth about anything other than my work for quite a while to make sure my narrow attention span sticks it in long term memory.

I'd love to be around here more often and DO actively discuss aquarii and fish with my pest control customers, especially when fish and pest control "collide", but I avoid just about all other kinds of learning on week days; including coming in here to help out.

This is why I often write an article instead of an answer; it may be my only opportunity to "help" around here in a given week.

So today I've got two female guppies and twelve guppy fry, one King, one DTHM, one laaarge cambodian delta, our old old Goat VT and Fluffy the Crowntail Pompom. I have fifteen girls, a mated pair of bloodfin and one male molly in the sorority tank and managed to have only two girls the same color. My oldest is now Sheen - Cherries passed natural death in the 9-way unmolested. And a male guppy and twenty two assorted tetra keeping Bubbles company in the dirt-bottom.

I've got a broken dryer, a new hole in my floor, four cats, a 10 year old son, 8 backup filters, two special purpose canisters and a working air conditioner.

The rest of my life is probably quite similar to yours.

Things I learned today:
State governments should have certification requirements for elected officials.
Rain is refreshing.
A girl betta can choose her owner from ten feet away.
Cat litter is the best gift when you can't think of one and they own cats.
Old men have little tolerance for understanding things.
2.2ppm ammonia is low enough for bacteria to reduce it further.
Nobody checks their brake lights any more.
People will risk their lives for something "free".
When your eyes are closed, fish keeping isn't worth the time and money.

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Originally Posted by Thunderloon View Post
Cat litter is the best gift when you can't think of one and they own cats.
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