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Also, depending on your city, there could just be a lot of ammonia in your tap. There's a ton of ammonia in the tap in my city, so I use live plants to get rid of it. You should probably get a water testing kit and see how everything checks out.
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I just cleaned their bowls/condition their water to. Both seem relax. The females stress stripes are gone. & I put relaxation music on, (idk why, but it just seems like it makes them both calm and happy ( : lol)
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Oh jeez, he put the same thread in another section, hate double posts. =/
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Water changes are MUCH easier without substrate or with larger substrate, by the way. When I had my female in a QT bowl (.75 gallons) she had large "river rock" in there so I could just dump it into a strainer and rinse it out. :)

On a side note, my bf's name is Gilbert, so I giggled at your signature!! LOL
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Your betta bowls are cute but I dont see a filter, heater or thermometer. : / my female was a dark blue/green and when I put her in a one gal tank with all the aquarium stuff she showed brilliant blue and green stripes. I guess its normal.
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What everyone is trying to say is. For a bowl that small you NEED to change the water daily. Fish produce a toxin called Ammonia. live plants help filter it out but letting it build up can harm and kill your fish. if you want another alternative, buy a 5 -10 gal tank and divide it. This way you can buy a filter and a heater to give them the water quality they need.
Filters do not take away the need to continue water changes, which must still be done just not as frequently. Bettas need warmer water, you will either need to keep the entire room heated (to the point that the bowl water is KEPT at the appropriate temp) if you dot have a tank heater, or buy a small heater for EACH bowl/tank. (granted a divided tank that allows water to flow through all partions only needs one heater.)

Bettas DO change colour, but what you have described is stress not a colour change. EG: when the lights on my tanks are OFF the fish show their full colours, when the lights come on they show a duller colour until they realise whats happened. when one fish intimidates another it can result in the same thing, the stressed fish becoming a dull or light colour, vibrant long stripes and clamped fins.
I see that your male is in sight of the female, yes its ok but sometimes this can stress fish.
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