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does anyone know where I can buy AQ test strips in bulk?

I'm doing a fish-in cycling and I need test strips to keep a close eye on nitrate and nitrite and ammonia. my mom's wanting to buy them in bulk to save money, does anyone know if there is anywhere? ><
also what level of each should I allow to remain when I do a 50% change, because I'm sure I need SOME of each present in order for it to be processed into the next substance, and someone told me 1.0 of each of the two harmful, but then they add 'or less' which threw it off >< I had around 0.2 ammonia and some of the harmful one the first day, and I did a 50 change, but today there's nothing to change so I'm skipping it. that means too that there's no ammonia to be processed though, so it seems that'd stop the cycle.... is 1.0 a good level or should I change when it starts going between the lowest level and 1.0 so that it's somewhere around 0.5 when I change it? I don't want it to spike and kill him. it's a five gallon and I do a test every morning somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00. so right now there's a 24-hour span between checks in which it could spike. unless it's suggested I do one test in morning and one at night? >.<
thanks <3
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I would get an API freshwater master test kit.....I use both strips and the liquid reagent type testing products...and the strips are easy to use, fast and great for a quick look and I do feel they are pretty thing I don't like about the test strip is how they are read-once I do a quick check with strips this will tell me if I need to do more testing with the liq reagents for exact numbers....

You want to test for-ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and high/low pH and the master test kit provides all of this in one kit...and it will last for years.....

Cost of the master kit end up being less than strips too.....for what you get......

If you are dealing with sensitive species of fish (like Discus) or plan to change the pH and hardness either with chemical additives or natural and with some sensitive live may also want to get the API KH/GH kit too......

*Hint: with test strips-you can cut them in two and get two test with one strip.....

The levels you want:
Ammonia/nitrite-0.25ppm or less..ideally 0ppm
Nitrate-5-10ppm.....less than 20ppm is best
pH-varies-extremes and sudden changes should be avoided

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You can buy an API master test kit (it is a liquid test kit) for about 25 dollars at Walmart, and they'll ship it to your closest walmart or you for little to nothing. that price is amazing, considering they sell for almost twice that price at pet stores. The master test kit is a bit expensive, but they last a long time. I've had mine for over a year now (I've done two cycles with it), and I've still got enough to go a while before I have to get another kit.

edit: OFL types faster XD
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
bahaha, thankyou both of you :D my mom's a tad skeptical but I'm sure she'll chill out x3; I'll be sure to check on it, many thanks :D
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