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Old 05-18-2011, 11:36 AM   #1 
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
Please help i have to leave tomorrow d:

it messed up the title >.< okay:

we have to leave tomorrow to get my brother from college and we're going to be gone till VERY late Saturday D:
he keeps shoving himself into the gravel and along it and darting around, he acts frustrated;
he has no white specks for itch,
it could be a smaller one I can't see I guess, but it seems odd,
he came home from the pet store Thursday evening, out of the cup Friday morning,
I had some AQ salt in I just took out day before yesterday, he started acting odd yesterday. he has a ripped fin he got from my tank before I added more live plants and removed the plastic one, but it's been healing well. it's slowed down healing but not gotten worse either,
he's been really dark like they get in the cups and he's lightening up a little, his fins look washed out and have blackish navy blue specks on them, I think that's just his pigment though,
he's a VT and I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be blue, his fins are much lighter than his body, he has some discolored scales ( off-blue shades )
the only really noticeable changes form th ecup appearance wise were the rip in the tail, which as I said was healing and has slowed but has not gotten worse,
his ventral fins got some really bright brownish red so noticeable I thought he was bleeding at first, and he has a little way less noticeable brownish red in the outline of the gills on the face right behind his eye,
since he's a blue VT I thought he might just be coloring up though. he eats fine,

the changes in his tank:
the blinds of the window behind it ( no direct sun EVER ) are closed,
I put a black shirt over the top to hold in th eheat but he flared at his reflection he saw in it, ( now removed it because we thought it might be blocking air )
after he flared at that he started flaring at the filter so I stuck a piece of box between the outside of the glass and the filter and it seems to have stopped th eflaring,
taking the hood off less often ( he calms down considerably if I do take it off though )
not more FW AQ salt,
different water balance, less PH ( 5.5 or less D: )
pellets don't float any more with the new water balance? does this meananything to anyone? it's odd ><

the brown marks on the gills get much mor eobvious for about a minute when he flares,
baffled filter, but I don't think that's it,
any ideas? :/

ammonia was 2.0 or less so I've STARTED a water change,
nitrite nothing,
nitrate a VERY little.
I am in the process of cycling it,
it's heated with a preset 50 watt for 78
three live plants though they may or may not die, money wort, anubias, and oriental swords,
blue AQ gravel,

could Alk or hardness be off? especially with the suddenly sinking pellets?
I do watch to make sure he eats them btw,
didn't feed him yesterday it was his digestion day. fed him again today though and he's still acting up.
his body is skinnier than his head, not huge but a little, so could he actually be underfed?
I feed him two pellets at ten in the morning and two at five in the evening, occasionally do a freeze dried blood worm but haven't done one lately because I was scared I'd give him swim bladder. any ideas? :/ it's a glass rectangle five gal, longer than it is high.

looks like he might be a little white/pale where the pectoral fins connect to the body and his underside where the ventral fins connect and around his gills. maybe he's just lightening up in color but idk :/

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Old 05-18-2011, 12:08 PM   #2 
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
0.2 the ammonia was 0.2 DX
sorry -slaps self for awful typo-
geeze no not 2. D8
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Old 05-18-2011, 01:23 PM   #3 
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I think the brown/red on his gills is just his coloration, it sounds like he is showing more colors to you.
My VT male will get red on the edge of his gills (the outer part) when he is annoyed.
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Old 05-18-2011, 03:27 PM   #4 
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
Blue Haven- ahh. thankyou, it's good to be able to cross that off. :D
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Location: USA
Tell me about your source water that you are using in the it tap water and if so-does it go through a water filter system or anything and if using tap water are you on city water supple or well water

What are you using to test the water...liquid reagent or strips

What are the water pram numbers for: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and a 24h test on the pH, GH/KH after it has de-gassed for 24 hours to compare numbers with source water and tank water

Are you running the filter 24/7...not turning it off except for the water changes and what is the water temp.....

Keep making the 50% water only changes for ammonia 0.25ppm and greater

How many days has the tank been setup with the Betta in it.....

How do the live plants look and are you sure they are all true aquatic plants and are not rotting polluting the water......look them up to be sure.....oriental swords-this is the one I am not sure about...

What kind of lights do you have over the plants and what is the photoperiod (how long the lights are on per day)

What kind and how much additives are you using...

How often is he flashing and when he flashes-does it look like he is flashing more on his gills or body, does he yawn frequently, clamped fins, hiding any...generally any other symptoms or behavior changes.....
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
it's city supply, not filtered, streight from the tap. I can get filtered from the fridge though, you think it would be better?
I do treat it but...

I use strips, I'm getting some liquid but don't have it yet.

ammonia- was 0 to <0.2 leaning closer to the 0.2, I did a fifty change though.
nitrite- none
nitrate- JUST A TINY BIT, barely above 0
PH- 5.5 I think.... 5.5 is the lowets on the strip though so I'm not positive....
don't have a 24 hour one but I'll try it, I'm guessing you mean on water left out?
that's for the tank I haven't checked the source.

I do run it 24/7 except for water changes, he seemed to get worse when I turned it back on >< it's baffled though. \

yeah, it was almost 0.2 so I went ahead and did it, should I wait till it hits 0.2 though?

since Friday,

I left it a bit down ( the water ) and as soon as I added it back to the top and turned on the filter he started again.

they are all aquatic but have some brown on them, the swords were growing really well, not sure if they stopped or not though, and can't tell if the moneywort ever rooted. I've been trying to remove and pull off dead leaves

he's OBSESSIVELY surfing the glass right now? 0-o I can't make him stop or distract him x-x

it's the light in the hood of the tank, it heats the water up alittle, i usually turn it on at ten in the morning and turn it off around six or seven as it starts to get dark, which would change to lower hours as it got dark earlier...
I'm using BettaSafe for treatment and I added some BettaWater which I hadn't added when it started, I'm also going to try some Prime but have to check for advice on adding direct to tank. I use the bettasafe as instructed, seven drops per gallon, and I add a little distilled sometimes in case I over-used to even if out, but not much,

flashing? you mean flaring? on gills, he doesn't have pinecone scales, and his gills turn reddish brown around the edges in an outline, but it's on the FACE not the inside th egills, ( though they're red too ) and someone told me their betta does this when annoyed....
he does yawn lots or blows a bubble but doesn't use it just shuts his mouth again, or something.
his fins were more clamped but I don't think so anymore , maybe a little left, this was like this from the cup though so I can't tell what's new or old :/
he doesn't hide form me, and he eats fine, he looks at the glass like he's dazed though, and is obsessively glass surfing like I said,
he was darting down a lot int the tank, dragging himself on the gravel, placing himself head first in the plants, but now he's just obsessively glass surfing 0-o
before he started this he was just kindof floating lazily;
he used to dart alot through the tank enjoying it ><
it's getting hard to distract him;

when he stops glass surfing he sits in the gravel and stares at his reflection..

the temp is supposed to be 78 ( pre set 50 watt heater )
but the thermo says it's lower, and I think the thermo is just off ( it's not digital )

I stuck a water jug beside him on that wall and he stopped while I stood there but when I walked away he started again .-." is he just bored maybe? now he's shoving himself across the floor again, and now he's given up and scooted away, and now he's just floating with this frustrated look.... maybe he's bored? wants something to watch? he's surfing again.... >.< different spot.

I think he's figured out it's his reflection, silly as it sounds.... he used to admire it in the tank floor where there was no gravel...

he isn't responding the way he used to either, I waved several things in front of him he used to love to follow and he won't pay attention to them at all....

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Flashing is when the fish rubs himself on objects in the tank...scratching/itching and it sounds like he is doing this along with yawning a lot which can be a sign of external parasites in the gills

Glass surfing can be a sign of just being in a new tank, parasites, reflection to name a few reasons....

Don't use distilled water, bottled water or filtered water through the fridg or anything else....not needed and not good for them...use your tap water with dechlorinator
Once you get the liq test those readings....although the pH is fine it is a bit on the low side...once you get the test done with liq I will tell you how to fix it naturally
You can add the proper amount of Prime straight to the tank...but, I would make a 50% water change first and add Prime for the full volume of the tank not what you add back as a general rule....

Check the source water for ammonia too....
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
okay, so do a 50 change put in only treated tap, then add in Prime filled to half of the first line? ( first line is for 10 gal )

if I do that,
should he be okay till I get back Saturday night?
my dad says he won't be able to get the liquid kit, if it's an emergency I might could get my mom to go back out, but otherwise I'll pick it up onthe trip and do it when we get back....

I'll go ahead and test the source water for ammonia, and post that in a moment
and yes, I'd love to know the natural fixes, I don't like using the balancers >^<
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Location: USA
Are you already adding something for the pH......

If you are using a bucket to fill the tank after the water change....In the bucket-add the tap water-then add the Prime for the full volume of the tank(5gal tank-correct? 5gal worth of the dechlorinator Prime) and then add the treated/dechlorinated tap water to the tank...sorry if I confused you.....

Prime is the dechlorinator and the only one you need to add

As a general rule-with water changes and dechlorinator use-with refill after a water change-dose dechlorinator at the rate of the full volume of the tank even with partial water changes....

You may need to treat for external parasites-I don't use those type of products so I can't advise......

You don't have to have API testing products...but it helps

I can't say he will be fine...just no way for me to know this....sorry....just make a water change before you go.....

More test have to be done on the source water and this can't be done with the test strips.....
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
it's showing as zero ammonia in tap water

have added nothing for PH yet, only the BettaSafe, nothing else.
no I see what you're saying, I use a gallon water jug though. so I put it in gallon by gallon:
fill up one gallon, treat it with seven drops, pour it in,
fill up another gallon, treat it with seven drops, pour it in,
repeat till tank is full again.
I put the cap on and shake it up first and let it sit about a minute or so before adding in to let the treatment mix in,

so should I leave out the usual treatment and put in the Prime instead and then just add the rest with no treatment? or get a bigger bucket?

what do you usually do for internal parasites or do you just wait and see if the clean water clears it out?

I'll try to get the liquid as soon as possible and contact you,

thanks for all the help, <3
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