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I would use either or not both dechlorinators and keep doing the refills the way you are doing it...

I use salt, manual removal, the fish own immune response for internal and external parasite...depends on what it is and how bad it is, how it is effecting the fish and/or causing stress/symptoms.....I also feed fresh garlic to my fish everyday for internal/external parasite control, however, it takes 6 weeks and large amounts for this to be effective and I generally don't recommend this since it take so long to help......depending on the parasite I will manually remove then as for flukes, lice...etc....

QT, salt, manual removal, parasite life cycle, water changes and garlic and only if they are symptomatic and stressing...otherwise the fish immune response will take care of it along with the internal garlic..
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it would be harder to do this with the Prime though >< since 5 gal is already half of the first line, how would I measure the proper amount for one,
even with a medicine dropper would this be possible?
I could estimate one drop I guess, or put in the amount for five and drop a bit in each, but I'm not sure that would be a good idea ><

other than the darting up and down a lot he doesn't show many signs, he eats fine, no deterioration of the body, no floating sideways, he doesn't show many stress signs,
if there's a parasite I can't see it so I imagine it would do more harm than good to attempt to remove it manually,
I would gladly start the garlic if you thought it was a good idea, but otherwise I won't. if he doesn't stop with the Prime then I'll see what the proper measure for FW AQ salt is for the cup he came in and place him in there with some salt,
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Pluto, North Carolina [ mountain region ]
and right now while the water is low at half tank he seems to be acting fine again.... not as interactive as he was when I brought him home, and swimming around a lot, but no more glass surfing or flashing... are there some bettas who just like lower level waters maybe? 0-o
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