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Exclamation Need advice about feeding fry and leaving in daddy fish

I asked on my own spawn log but not getting an answer yet :( Its probably because its so late! I know!

So my question is ... Some the fry are free swiming. Some are still floating to the bottom and another some are never coming up from the bottom, they just look like they are laying there...dead.

How do I know if they are dead or resting?

When is it safe to do water change, the bottom of the tank is getting really dirty.

When do I take dad out if he is being a good dad and still working with the fry?

Will the fry die if I take out dad?

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We were the ones who left Papa in with his fry. As long as your babies' daddy isn't eating any of them they will be perfectly fine if you decide too keep him in there. Just keep an eye on him, if he suddenly gets a very round belly and there seem to be fewer fry take him out. But as long as he's being a good daddy taking him out isn't necessary. On the other hand, though, I don't think it will hurt them if you take him out either.
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I'm not exactly sure about when to change the water but you could pick up debris from the bottom with a turkey baster. You'd have to be careful not to pick up any babies.
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Dead fry look different - fat, fungus, decaying, milky white, etc. Weaker fry may lay still at the tank floor. But since there are so many, we can't tell which are weak and which are simply resting. I wouldn't disturb them too much. But if you want to be sure if they're alive, take a very thin stick and move it near the fry. They should move.

Water changes is of opinion. Most breeders in my area DO NOT do wc at least for the first 2 weeks. But I would do wc as soon as I begin feeding. You have to be careful not to siphon out fry. If there are too many fry at the bottom, just siphon out water (without gunk). As long as the ammonia level is acceptable, the gunk shouldn't harm them.

You can take dad out as soon as the fry are free swimming. But you can leave good dads in for as long as you want. Fry should survive without dad. Some may be weaker but they should live.
I'm not really too sure because I haven't really paid much attention; but sometimes it's better to take dad out because he will be in a "nursing mode" longer and won't eat. You have to know your individual male to decide if he is fit enough to rear fry longer. If he looks tired/weak, I'd take him out.
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Thanks everyone for those answers. :)
Very good advice!
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