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Introduce Your Betta Fish!

Hello, I'm new to the betta fish community and I was interested in seeing all of the different betta fish you guys have! Post a picture and tell me about your fish!

This is my cute yellow pineapple veiltail. His name is Moses. He is currently recovering from fin rot. I love his little blue eyes. When I decided to get a betta fish, I was torn between him and a beautiful blue halfmoon with white fin tips. But when I put my finger to Moses's cup, I saw his blue eyes move to look at me and I just felt a special connection to him for some reason.
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Warning! Long Post!

Oh boy. I could go on. I have 6 boys. Misha, Blaine, Sammy, Oliver, Dean, and Crowley.

I'll start with Oliver as I've had him the longest out of my current boys.

Oliver is my Blue/Red Bicolor Halfmoon Rosetail. I'd guess him at almost a year now. If I estimate correctly he'll be one year in April. Second picture is him in the end of february, first is him when I got him.
Name:  Full Flare.jpg
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Name:  Oliver 2:26:15.jpg
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Next I'll do Dean, sticking with my pattern of order in which I got them.

Dean is my HM marble. He started as a Yellow Butterfly and has now started to get more blackish greyish blue on his tail and black spots on his body. He'll be one in July if I estimate correctly. (estimating that they were 3 months in store, as they are usually 3-4 months in the stores) so he is about 7-8 months old right now.

Name:  Dean 2:26:15.jpg
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Next is Sammy, my Multicolor VT male. I got him as a rescue from my school's psychology department. he was conditioned to be extremely aggressive to anything. He was bloated and clamped when i first got him. The first picture is him the day I brought him home, second picture is him at the end of February.

Name:  Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 12.30.14 PM.png
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Name:  Sammy 2:26:15.jpg
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Next is Crowley, my Multicolor CT male. I got him after my SDeT, Castiel, was put down due to cancer. I had been wanting a Crowntail for a bit before then. I saw him and it was love at first sight if that could happen with fish. he will be one next September and he is about 6-7 months now.

Name:  Crowley 2:26:15.jpg
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The next guy is Misha, my blue/red/white marble HMPK. He is 8 months old and is from the Betta Shop. He came from the Blue Water HMPK competition team. The picture with the whiter face is him a few weeks ago, the picture with the more blue on the face is today.

Name:  Misha 2:26:15.jpg
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Name:  Misha After Right.jpg
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And finally comes Blaine, my white marble HMPK. I got him from the Betta Shop as well. He's four months now I got him as a solid platinum white, but soon he was developing blue spots on the ends of his fins. Since I got him, he's gotten a blue line around his anal, and then that disappeared and he has three spots on his anal fin, one on his dorsal.

Name:  White HMPK.jpg
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Name:  NG3.jpg
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Name:  NG4.jpg
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hai. this is my betta.
still have some but i'm not already have taking their pic.

their name:
-CT is Light
-CT Blue is Chuck
-HMPK Dragon is Woles
-HMPK Blackhead Mustard Gas is Bram
-HMPK Blackhead Steel Blue is Hulk
-HMPK Lavender is Panda
-Halfmoon Lavender is still dont have name, cause it's new from breeding

thanks for see my betta at here.
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Location: MO
Welcome! Your betta is so cute!

I currently have two:

Cosmos the marble halfmoon doubletail

and Polaris, my brand new bicolor halfmoon
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Originally Posted by LolaQuigs View Post
Welcome! Your betta is so cute!

I currently have two:

Cosmos the marble halfmoon doubletail

I really love his coloring!
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halfmoon, my betta, veiltail

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