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Omg...he's Flaring

so i'm posting this because since updating one of my 'betta falls' bettas to a 2.5gallon he seems to be enjoying himself more. not sure if it's just the size or the fact the water has a steady heater in it. three of my bettas have heaters right now. one of the heaters is one that can move from tank to tank, and i kinda have to since it doesn't have any 'turn off' ability when it reaches a certain temp. it just keeps heating. so i figure i'll move it from tank to tank, between the ones that don't have a heater, and let it warm them up some till i get those guys heaters.

but Jareth (formerly known as Jairus. >.<) is my big success...when i first got him and the first day or two he looked like this

he looked like my veil tails. now i bought him as a half moon. but he sure wasn't showing i got back from my boyfriends, fed him, waited a while and put down a mirror to just see if i could get him to flare, to see what his fins looked like and all....he's never truly flared for me. totally disinterested and usually runs from the mirror..

except today

i even did a little video with all the boys doing their dance (although Poseidon got kinda jipped...i spilled my soda.. >.<)

the best show of him flaring is the video. although i'm not sure if you can really see his colors well or not. i haven't figured out what's a good light to take pictures with yet. feel free to correct me if i got his color wrong***

now i'm wondering, was the pet store right and he is a half moon. or is he a veil tail or something else.

of them all i'm super pleased with him and Jasper. Jasper was super active in the video too. and yes. i shamelessly teased my fish >.>"

to reassure people about achilles...he only chases his reflection when riled up. right now he's floating around calm as can be. not caring at all. (although poseidon is attempting to goad jasper through their tanks.. >.>")

and if that video link doesn't work, try this one***

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He's definitely a Veiltail but he does have a very wide spread
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he's got amazing spread on him when he gets flared up. i actually really enjoy just watching him. lol. but i think part of that is because he was so shy and sullen before and now BAM! he's not. lol (although he's hiding in his plants right now)
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