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Feeling kinda bad :(

I had divided my 7gal into two which housed my one girl and I stuck my new boy in there.. but I got worried about them being in there and knowing they can still see each others silhouette through the mesh I have up. They wouldn't leave each other alone so I took my one boy Bloo and put him on the girls side and put her in Bloo's tank. Bloo had earlier this week been victim to my exploring son who decided to stick his hands all over his tank and he wound up getting stress bars. :( I quickly got him to color back up in a matter of minutes by sticking his tank by the girls. I was still worried about it and now having to switch him from his tank to having to share, I don't know if it's going to upset him more. My new boy doesn't seem to mind either way, though I don't blame him considering he was just shipped to the store Wednesday and already been jostled around. And I'm also extremely worried for my baby girl. I've had her for a week or two and she was getting really cozy in the 7gal all by herself and now she's in a smaller tank. I don't want to move them anymore, but I was wondering if theres anything I should look for in the next week with their behavior and these changes that would be means to cause concern?
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Hi, I know it's been a few days since this was posted. Have there been any signs of stress from the move? These signs would typically be stress bars or fading of color, tail-biting, hiding on the bottom of the tank, or clamped fins. If these signs are caused by the move, the fish should all get used to their new surroundings in a few days and the signs will go away. If the signs for a long time, there may be another reason, like poor water quality or the temperature being too low. Most bettas are pretty adaptable and adjust well, but you just have to give them a few days, especially Bloo and your girl since you've had them longer. The new boy probably thought, "What the heck, what's one more move?" and took it in stride.

If you have any problems, please post again so we can help. :)
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