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Old 05-22-2011, 03:04 AM   #1 
Join Date: Feb 2011
So I got something new to play with.

Its being sold in the US as "Tom's RotorM Bactercel System"

First off I gotta say this thing is dangerous; its a turning wheel with a pinch point and is shipped from overseas with fibrous material and stones. It DOES use a good plastic airstone of the type that Tom's/Lee's sell.

That's the only link I could find with a picture. Its about the size of a pint of aquarium salt but a little wider. The back side of the rotor uses water lifted by air in the rear chamber to force rotation. Since this is a powered rotation it could conceivably "eat" a fish so I'm testing it in my guppy fry tank on a very low air input. It seems to perform mechanically exactly as claimed.

The things inside are simply white foam bits, I assume one could refill it with any finely chopped foam bits or probably even small bio-balls for that matter. Its very interesting to watch, I'm working on getting a video uploaded. I don't think it is appropriate for betta in any way. There's a gap on top that fins could be lowered into which is effectively a meat grinder arrangement and between the wheel and the bottom frame there is a gap under a quarter inch through which fins on the wheel pass. I can only imagine one of my friskier girls getting jammed in there.

If any of you have experience with it I'd be surprised but would like to hear about it. Should be able to upload my video tomorrow (sunday afternoon).
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Join Date: Feb 2011
Ok, tip your heads to the left.

Admittedly its not as compact as a sponge filter which is really all it is but it is fun to watch. I'm going to try using polymer nitrate anaerobic media in it when I set up the fourteen for the guppies to frolic in. Since I'll have tons of baby guppies the little extra bacteria+protein that comes off that media will continuously feed them.

I did have a few guppy fry swim in then swim out again.

That colorful fiber stuff inside it just under the wheel is the "filter" material... some kind of sad joke. An expensive way to get a few ounces of rock from Japan.
It is sharing a tank with a dense sponged Aq20 that has an air-stone in the media stack, so I doubt I'll need to rely on this RotorM but I figured I'd share it with you for its entertainment value.
I think the betta would enjoy watching it but as I stated, too many pinch points to be safe.

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