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Temperature fluctuations

Hello all,

Had a thought that I wanted to open up for discussion. This forum preaches to the ground the need for stable temperatures in a betta habitat (I too am on board with this). However, I had a thought about just how crucial a stable temperature really is. I am wondering if above a certain temperature, it isn't as important under certain criteria.

I am housing one of my bettas outdoors this summer. He is in a 5 gallon bucket with a dirt base, a few rocks, and various live plants. His bucket gets a few hours of morning sun, and then is covered by the shade of a tree during the hottest parts of the day. I don't record his temperatures throughout the day, but there is obvious fluctuation. Other members have kept their bettas outside as well and noted the drastic changes in temperatures... from cool to quite warm. Bettas and fry turned out fine.

This in mind, how important is fluctuation? I am wondering if above roughly low 70's... I'm wondering how much it affects the fish? Sure we can't say about the inner and nuero-system workings of the fish... but there have been cases of the fish thriving along with the fry.

Things to consider... a 5 gallon bucket is deeper than it is wide. This allows the fish to move up and down based on desired temperature. Outside they are getting live foods, does this make a difference?

Yes, we all know bettas are tropical fish, but is there wiggle room?
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IMO I would still put an adjustable heater in the bucket. They're not big or expensive. That way your fish won't get too cold which is not great for them. Hopefully in the shade he/she won't get too hot either. In addition, getting a thermometer will help you know what temperatures you're really dealing with be it hot or cold. I would try having the bucket outside in a range of weather to try and determine how the water will react to the weather before you put your fish in. I don't think you want to have to get the fish to determine for itself whether or not it has to be on the top or bottom of the tank depending on the temp.
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IME-if the Betta is healthy to start...temp fluctuation are not problematic for long as they are gradual.....
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