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Exclamation One hour to solve this!! Help :(

I'm in a bit of a time crunch so any help would be awesome! My fish is a large veil tail and has never really had many health issues. But for about 5-6 days now he's had a worsening case of swim bladder problem. He Usually lives in a 2 gallon tank, 50% water changes every 4-5 days, temp has been normal about 78 degrees as has always been. Non ecent trauma or stress. He's been floating horribly on his side for awhile now and I at first chalked it up to overfeeding. I didn't feed him for two days, no change. I ut a tsp of Epsom salt in his latest water change (24 hrs ago) no change. I just got home from work and am leaving on a trip for 4 days in an hour and I'm scared to leave him. There's no one I trust enough to try and feed him very little or watch over him so I'm unsure of the step to take next. I have him now in a small container resting by his tank, he ate a tiny chunk of unpeeled pea 15 mins ago but couldn't catch any more as they sunk too quickly and his is in able to swim downwards without struggle. Should I leave him in the smaller o tank or return him to his original home? Should I leave a 5 day Betta feeder with him or leave him for the next four days without food? He has also been very unusually lethargic. Help is much appreciated!!!
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Like You
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Are you driving to your location?
If you are driving, why don't you take him with you?
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Well besides the driving stuff this may help.................with his case of sbd.
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It's very cold where I'm going and I'm worried it would make him worse. Last time I took my bettas on a trip in cold weather I lost two :( I'm thinking the best is to return him to his original tank and allow him to fast. I did read the article posted, and it clarified some things I did not know but not what I should do in the given situation besides fasting.
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well, I'm sort of assumming you have a heater if it's at 78*.... the cold shouldn't be an issue.

Try doing a 100% water change (dose with salt accordingly), and hope he's alright. Chances are when you come back he'll be alright.
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