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Old 05-25-2011, 12:00 PM   #11 
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Location: Florida
Originally Posted by laughing View Post
LittleBittyFish- What do you have your anubias on? I am considering "planting" some into the sand for my new 10 gallon... Not sure if it would do well though...

I only have anacharis & a moss ball right now but I LOVE val plants! I might make it to the not-so-local fish store on Friday to get at their new shipment. The worker said they had some val about 4 inches tall for $1.99 and will be getting a bunch of new plants Friday... I might splurge for about 3 of those and some others... We'll see! ;)

I love watching my anacharis shoot, it's so adorable! C:
I didnt have any driftwood, so I used lava rock..I attached some moss and then used sewing thread to tie my anubias onto the rock.
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Location: Australia
Aahh, I wish I could just go to my beach here and get some lava rock. I'd love some for another little java fern I have, it's currentư lightly buried in the gravel. It's only half as big as my other java fern on wood, which I bought at the same time. Also, I have a tiny little anubia that need something. Lava rock would be great for the roots to attach to, but I don't really want to go buy a rock.... besides, the search is part of the fun!
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Originally Posted by laughing View Post
I love this thread! :3

How much lighting does you banana plant get??

Anyone have plants in sand substrate?
I have it on 12 hours a day, just incandescent day light, really just the bulb that came with the tank although i'm considering doing a DIY LED lighting rig up for my 2 5 gallons as i'm not satisfied with the lights they have.

I actually have sand under gravel in both my 5 gallons. the banana is half submerged in the sand, in my other tank i have crypotocoryne wendtii and aponogeton crispus in sand substrate. both are doing okay so far but have only been planted for a few weeks. i need to get them some root tabs soon i think.
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I just got moneywort, wendtii, java moss, and corkscrew val. C:

So now, I must say, the val is my favorite! I have wanted this plant for about 6 months now, and I finally got it! I hope I keep it alive. I would hate to have waited this long making myself prepared and fail! D:
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