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Trooper. End of spawn log.

First, thank you all for your support and kind words during my first time spawning my bettas. I look forward to the next time I try and will continue to read and post and really am happy to learn from everyone else. And seeing your spawns is so cute and I wish good luck to everyone!

Here is Trooper. The last of the last. Fuzzy pics, he is very fast and only stays still long enough for me to snap a shot then swims away and hides. I tried not to over do it, so he wouldnt be stressed.

He is getting 80% water changes daily now, BBS 2x's a day. I hope he keeps growing! I watch him eat and get a full orange belly. So I think he is doing pretty good!

More pics later!

This pic he is already looking at his own reflection lol
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He looks good...what a Trooper....

This is a 10gal tank and I see airstones...right....with one lone fry....I would decrease the water changes to weekly 25-50%...add some common snails to eat any BBS that die...the snail poop is better/safer than decaying food and add live plants if you can and if you can change the airstone to sponge filter that would be good too......try not to overfeed and cover the top with plastic veggie wrap to retain heat and humidity for his labyrinth.......water temp 80F...positive thoughts...he will live and grow big, strong, well developed and be the pretties Betta alive......
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He's lookin pretty good, good luck with him :)
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Thanks :)

He is in a 2.5 gal alone right now, with the airstone and a floating plastic plant.

I found its way easier for me to keep track of him and keep the cleaning up without accidently taking him out too with this small tank. Easier to keep it warm too. He is at 80-82 consitantly.

I will be getting some snails and live plants, possibly new fish once my sister and mother get back with my car. ( she is having a baby today ).

I already am so attached to this little fish lol.
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Aww, good luck with Trooper.
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