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Originally Posted by Arashi Takamine View Post
Personally if I was breeding I would choose two different unrelated fish. For one: I would go for let's say...Crowntail female to veiltail male or veiltail female to one of my crowntails. (I don't care if their petstore fish. They are definietly Aquabid quality colors. Makes me wonder though if Akira was an inbred spawn cause he is a tail biter.) That would most likely produce HM's wouldn't it? I heard breeding HM's and CT's create a lot of veiltails and rarely create more CT's or HM's. I'm probably not going to breed unless I can have everything prepared (I'd probably set up the grow out tank to also be the spawing tank to prevent stress to the fry.) Which means unless I suddenly win the lottery I'll never consider it.

But yeah it seems that inbreeding to a certian point in the species may cause some behavioral and immunity problems. I mean breeders also breed fish to become pets one day. I would rather have fry that have odd but genes I know are strong and give them to people I know would take care of them for little or no profit rather then having betta's I know are beautiful but have problems that would drive their owners up the wall.
I'm pretty sure that VT is a dominant gene, so if you bred anything with a VT you would get VTs....

I can see why linebreeding bettas is a good idea, especially with the remark about them reverting to wild type, but I would always want to be super careful with how many times I was linebreeding them.
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