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Old 05-26-2011, 09:28 PM   #1 
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Thumbs down Well, might as well give away my heaters!

I live in a 3-story house. Im not rich, my mom's boyfriend is, just clarifing.
Anyways, the AC only goes up so far, and I am in the smallest bedroom in the house. It is litteraly HOTTER in here than outside. Even at night. My 5 gallon is at 84 degrees, and my 2.5 gallon is at 82 degrees. Is this bad? I think the 5 gallon is hotter because the filter is running. My 2.5 houses a betta with super-fin rot and I dont keep the filter on cause of that.

So is this horrible? I have my fan on the 5 gallon. My mom's boyfriend bought my a ceiling fan for my room but its gonna be put in sometime next week, he has to drill holes into the ceiling and all that jazz.


Also, after 10 days of 50% (daily) water changes in the 2.5, how should I clean it? Once my fish's fin rot is totally gone can I use the filter?
He is gonna be moved to my divided (once) 10- gallon once I get it up and running. Thanks!
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Id do 100% changes in the 2.5 if he has rot, especially with no filter running. Salt too!

I here ya on the temp thing, mine's in the 80-83 range all the time now, boo.

Id say keep doing what youre doing and keep your room dark if you can to keep heat out. 84' isnt the greatest, but it is livable. 84' is a cold day in thailand, hah, so I think they'll be okay for now.
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Old 05-27-2011, 09:45 AM   #3 
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as long as they don't look stressed.84 should be fine as long as it doesn't fluctuate too much...
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Originally Posted by PewPewPew View Post
Id do 100% changes in the 2.5 if he has rot, especially with no filter running. Salt too!

1 teaspoon/gal of salt. Be sure it's aquarium salt, or pure rock salt.... ie - be sure it doesn't have anticaking agents in it.

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Yup do as much as u can. I bet a prolonged exposion will do something, but not for the few days...
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