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Old 05-27-2011, 08:06 PM   #11 
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Location: Florida about a depressing thread...brings back memmories.
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My first, well I call Buddy my first, because I petsat for him before he became mine permanently,was a reddish brown veiltail. Shortly after keeping Buddy for a neighbor I decided to get my own, a pretty turquoise veiltail named Boy Blue. They both lived in .5 gallon vases, before I knew better. They both lived for about 2.5 years.
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I don't believe my first had a name. He was a beautiful light turquoise. I was probably 15 or so. I saw him at the pet store and I got my parents to get him for me. I really liked him and thought he was so pretty but he stayed in my room where all I did was sleep. He was in a tiny bowl/tank that I only changed when it looked horrible. It seriously was probably less than a .5 gallon. He actually lived for a year or so but I am not sure how. He eventually died of dropsy. Poor guy!
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Originally Posted by newarkhiphop View Post

One day i woke up and my fish was gone from his tank i looked all over the room didnt find him. 5 years later we were moving out of the place and my father and i were removing the carpeting from my room when in the same corner where the table i used to keep his tank was at, under the carpet i find a perfectly in tact tiny fish skeleton i kid you not just like this but smaller

Poor guy

Mine was Engine. A red veil tail. He lasted the night :(
We were soo new to bettas, and killed a lot. I was about 6.
There was no H2O conditioner...
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On my 15th birthday in February, I wanted to get a hamster... but my little 5 year old brother would not stop whining about how it wasn't fair that he didn't have a pet. So mom made a deal with me and said "I'll get you the hamster and him a fish, but you also have to do the water changes for the fish tank."

We were looking for a goldfish (*facepalm*), and then were directed to bettas... seeing as they were "easier" fish. We bought a 1/2 gallon, and a red veiltail who my little brother named Puffy. I cleaned the water once a week for a few weeks until I noticed Puffy getting sick and clamped. I found my way here, and then started doing 100% water changes while I begged my parents to let me get a proper set up. Eventually we got a 10 gallon tank, a heater, and a filter and cycled it. I stuck him in with 6 harlequin rasboras, and he was happy and colored up amazingly. Unfortunately he contracted a freak illness a few months later and never really recovered, then passed on in October.
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found a pic of my second betta i had gotten a couple of years after the one in my first post

:( @what i was keeping him in, wish i would have known about this site back them
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Old 05-28-2011, 12:00 AM   #17 
Arashi Takamine
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I'm sure everyone here new about my first encounters with the betta kind. My BFF had betta's for YEARS and without heaters hell barly without water changes they survived four years...So my dad wanted to get some...Then after a LOT of research nearly two months worth staying up all night doing said research I got into a HUGE arguement with my dad over cycling and after getting the tank stuff I found Kalona...He was my first betta but I had to wait a week before getting him. Poor thing I feel so guilty now because he and Kaida died awful deaths. They were my first boys the first fish I had since I was seven...

Then after getting Kaida's old tank set up the weekend my BFF was over we went to WalMart and me and her looked for almost two hours straight and the first one we saw flared at Emiri-chan. Then we got Akira because he was the most active...And then he enabled the rest of 'em.
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The first betta that ever lived in my house was my mom's. I named him Po and he is happily living on our fireplace working on his latest bubble nest.

My first betta is my female, Suki. I went my local pet store looking for a betta. I had my eye on two little black females, but they looked odd, and I am seriously doubting they were even bettas. So I walked away from them and found Suki's tank. I bought her and took her home. :) Her name means 'beloved' in Japanese.
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i got my first betta when i was like 5 years old. he was a blue veil tail named gladiola (i thought that was how you said "gladiolus", the flowers my mom had planted) and he lived in a half gallon vase that we probably cleaned once a month. i feel really bad about that, but hey, i was five, and at least i know better now lol
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I had originally decided that I was going to get a goldfish since I wanted something to take my mind off of my dog that I couldn't keep since I moved. So I took a trip to Wal-Mart and went into the fish isle and noticed little containers with betta fish in them. I knew nothing about them at the time but I decided to look at them instead of the GF. None of the Betta Fish were active except for one boy who swam crazily and flared at the other fish. As I began to reach for his cup I noticed movement in the corner of my eye. Thats when I seen Shiro the Betta fish that I have with me now. Call me crazy but it felt like I had a fishy connection because he stared at me the whole time and watched me pick up the other fish. Lol I'm glad I bought him though he such a little character :)
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