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Old 05-27-2011, 03:56 PM   #1 
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Question What can go in with bettas(besides snails)

What other fish can go in with betta i know snails can go in
but can ghost shrimp and other stuff like that go in .
If so can you tell me what can go in with bettas
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Depends on the size of the tank.
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As said above, it depends on the size of the tank. But generally: Cory cat's(Peppered, Emerald Green, Panda etc.), Oto's, Tetras(although they can be fin-nippers and require large tanks: 15 gal.+), Platys, I've heard of people keeping Glofish with Bettas but I would be worried. If it's a 10 gal. you could do a female sorority. But whatever you do. Don't keep bettas with goldfish! It's a bad idea. There are people that have kept them together, but neither are truly happy with that arrangement.
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There are lots of other critters than be kept with bettas, but it depends on the tank size. No fishy tankmates unless you have a 10 gallon, anything below 10g means shrimp and snails for you.
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Old 05-27-2011, 09:13 PM   #5 
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smaller tetras, mated pair of bloodfins.

with female betta you can put in a male fancy guppy (not with male bettas)
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rasboras and corydoras
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