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Location: USA sorry for your loss....sorry I couldn't be of more made the right decision ....a selfless decision and sadly one that we have to make more than we like...don't feel bad and don't give up.......with fish...its hard to diagnosis especially on the internet and even when you have the fish in hand it can be a challenge.......sometimes we get fish in bad shape to start and all we can do is our best and you did that.......again sorry for your loss and know in your heart you did everything right......the selfless act of ending a creatures did the right thing.......
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Punki I am so sorry. You did the right think for Coraline. (((hugs)))
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Thanks lulu and oldfishlady thank you also. At first i was having some hope but at a point i finally realized the chances were not in her favor to live a day, much less a happy life. Im only feeling the urge to give up because i never want to have to do such a thing again. But realistically she was a thrashing panic of a mess and its uncommon for them to become like that, so chances arent too high that another fish could come to that. I really appreciate all of your help though. The mosquito larvae id read on a post you had commented on and started spoiling them with it, they love it. Also the epsom salt treatment seemed to make her last day alot more comfortable until the inevitable end took effect so you helped me very much along with others. Hopefully i never have to deal with this with my old male but if so im glad i have this place to come to. The reassurance that it was the right thing helps me alot. I never thought id have to do something like that. With dogs you can have them put to sleep and not be the one doing it, it makes it easier then this, but im a bit happy shes not suffering right now, and glad to know i saved her from that. :)
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