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I'm going to go set up my tank

The water conditioner says one teaspoon per ten gallon. I have a five gallon tank, so logically half a teaspoon is needed. However, teaspoons come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so I don't consider the instructions to be very detailed...

Is it possible to add too much conditioner(or too little) and it will harm the fish? The water conditioner is called aqua safe('tetra' brand or something) and it came as a 'sample' with my aquarium.

I plan on running the aquarium for a week, then later on adding a filter baffle(need to get aquarium sponge), and live plants. I am unsure about what I should do with live plants when cleaning the aquarium/during water changes. I got a 'gravel vacuum/siphon' but haven't used that yet, obviously.
I'll check back tomorrow I can't think of anything right now.
Oh yeah- I bought an 'ammonia' small liquid test kit. I know that one of the pet stores near me will test my water for free. When's the best time to test for an ammonia? I think I have enough for ten tests and that's it.

Oh, and for the ''''fun'''' part: I don't know if I should get a Betta fish from Pet Smart, where they have them is cups/containers without air holes in blue water, where they have Crown Tails(which I like)...I guess the only problem I have with that store with their Bettas is that one betta container is placed in front of the other, which is in front of the other, blocking that other one...And the further back the fish is, the more 'sick' and neglected it looks.
Or if I should get them in Pets Unlimited where they float in bags in two tanks(one for old fish, the other for younger ones by the looks of it.)

I guess that doesn't really matter, but choosing is hard.

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A tsp is 5ml...half a teaspoon is 2.5ml you can measure it out in a syringe or medicine cup thing. That is what I do for my smaller tanks if I am using something else besides Prime. If you are looking for a good water conditioner to replace the sample when you are out I recommend Prime..It is 2 drops per gallon.
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The Tetra one is also one that you cant overdose with. I always added a little bit more than was needed with that. Ive changed over to Prime now tho and my 500ml bottle will last me forever!
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1) Don't worry about over-doing the de-chlorinator. I use Tetra Aquasafe, and put in 6-8 drops per gallon of water that I replace. Sometimes, I've put in twice that -- no problems.
2) Plants are good things. Don't siphin the plant directly, but siphon the gravel around it (a couple of inches away).
3) Cycle the tank before putting in fish -- it's faster and less painful for you and your fish. Read up on 'Nitrogen Cycle' in aquarium tanks, if you're not familiar with this. It takes 3-4 weeks, but is worth it -- your fish stay alive and healthy.

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by Littlebittyfish View Post
A tsp is 5ml...half a teaspoon is 2.5ml you can measure it out in a syringe or medicine cup thing. That is what I do for my smaller tanks if I am using something else besides Prime.
As littlebitty fish said, you could try a syringe. It would be very useful for this as it would be more accurate than using a teaspoon. If you know a nurse, Dr., paramedic/emt, etc... you could probably ask if they could get you a couple of them. Or, you can probably buy them in a pharmacy easily as well. Also, they're useful for dosing out medications for your fish if you ever need to do that. There are different sized ones... I've got 6 ml (or cc), 3 ml, and 1 ml ones. The smaller ones make it easier to measure out accurate small amounts.

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new aquarium

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