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As long as the water is heated, they could breed (and then kill one another). Males should never be housed with females unless you plan to breed them. 2.5 gallons is way to small for 2 bettas anyway. Bettas need 2.5 gallons each. Get a 5 gal and divide it. I really like Laughing's java moss idea. That's pretty awesome.
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my cousin had a male and female in a tiny fish bowl that wouldn't have even held 2 liters (0.528344 gallons) and they got on fine, it was amazing. and they lived together until she had to go to boarding school, she then gave them to a friend. it really depends on the temperament of the fish
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That's really a dangerous comment for someone who doesn't know any better. For one thing that size bowl is basically a sewage pit for one betta, not to mention two. Secondly, in that size bowl they were probably so highly stressed that they didn't have the will to fight. They probably had or will have an extremely short lifespan in that set up.

Like I always say. Just because something worked once for one person doesn't mean it was right.
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lmao, I forgot about this thread completely xD Sorry guys.

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I went over to one of my friends house and saw that she placed her male and female in the same tank and said they were fine O.O the poor male had shredded fins and she didn't even notice! I told her she either needs to divide the 20g like I told her to do or put the male somewhere else :(

I'm a little mad at her, the male is stunning and I feel like he is being treated badly :( If I don't see the situation fixed I'll ask for him back since I let her have both the fish. Luckily he's not too bad yet, but so much stress....

I'd never keep males and females together since I'm not experienced enough with bettas, I think OFL does though.

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In the past I've kept one male with several females (8+) but that was in a 55 gal tank with other tropical fish and tons of hiding places. You shouldn't try it in less then that unless you are breeding them. I find I've had much more luck keeping CT males with females since the females can't shred them as easily and they seem more mobile than other tail types... Halfmoons are goners.
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