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breeding questions

i'm thinking of breeding for the first time. two of my males (my red ct and multi color vt) are making HUGE bubblenests, so i'm guessing they are ready to breed. i do not have a female, but i am planning on getting one in a month or so. but i have a few questions.
1) is it ok to breed petstore bettas? or should i try to get a pair off aquabid or something?
2) about how many fry can i expect to have?
3) what do i feed the babies?
4) do i need a filter in the breeding tank, or can i use like a ten gallon filled like 2/3 up and a heater?

as you can see i dont know alot about breeding, but i will not rush into this untill i've done my reserch and know what i'm doing.
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1) It is ok to breed pet store bettas but it is harder in some cases
2) You can up 150 or more and as low as 10. It just is a surprise
3) You can feed them Micro worms, Baby Brine Shrimp thats just 2 there is tons more I use that.
4) Yes you do it has to be a sponge filter and it is turned off until the baby's r free swimming then turn it on. And you can then add a gallon of water each day and u will need a grow out tank and always have a heater.

Hope this helps :)
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1)Its okay to breed pet store betta but there genes are variable and there is no clue what you might get. Also veiltails are harder to rehome sense they arent worth much. And you must keep in mind you have to be willing to cull or find homes for all the babies
2) The number of fry depends on the parents, water quality, how much food they eat. etc. I think plad556 gave a good range
3) You can feed fry a multitude of things depending on where you live or how much your willing to pay determines what food you feed for me microworms are the cheapest and work the best.
4) I dont filter my tank if I'm using a bare bottom method, however I filter with a more natural tank set up. I would fill the 10 gal filled about half way and start water changes once fry become free swimming.
Hope this info helped also
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