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tank question

Hi, i'm very new to this. My gf came home last week and said she wanted to get a betta, so off we went. I did a bit of research on my phone while looking in the store and found this sight. We ended up getting this tanks

and a place for him to hide in. The watch is not a permanent thing was just for fun. The first day he seemed fine and was swimming around and exploring. Now he keeps getting stuck to the filter when it's on or floats on either the bottom of the tank with his head down. If i turn the filter off he just floats at the top. I would prefer to keep the filter on but don't want to hurt him. is the filter too strong or is there anything i can do?

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First off, take that watch out now! That watch is not aquarium safe and could poison your betta.

The filter seems like it is too strong, I would just take it out. It is basically pointless since your still have to do lots of water changes in something that small. You should be doing two 50% and one 100% every week.
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Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of Betta keeping....

In a 2.5gal filtered tank...good choice by the can baffle the filter with another sponge to help with the overflow, however, that may not do much about him being sucked to the intake...if the filter can't be slowed down some you may need to turn off the filter and remove it all will only change the percent of 1 of the twice weekly water changes that are needed on that size tank......

In a 2.5gal unfiltered tank-it needs twice weekly water changes....1-50% and 1-100% to maintain water quality...with the filter it needs twice weekly 50%...1-50% water only and 1-50% to include substrate cleaning by vacuum or stir and dip method to maintain water quality and fin health.......

Right now since he is a new fish and most likely the biggest container he has been in since he was a fry....he may need time to adjust and to build muscle and strength in general to tolerate the space and water movement....

I would-turn off the filter and make a 50% water only change with like temp water and always use dechlorinater with any water added to the tank if you are on city water supply and give him a week or so to adjust and start eating good and try the filter again...there is a sticky on here about making a baffle for the this too...

Be sure to dump the water in the filter box and rinse the filter media before turning it back on so you don't flood the tank with harmful ammonia and bacteria.....once you do get the filter back on-it will need a swish/rinse in old tank water with a water change a couple of times a month......

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^ could slow down the intake and also stop your betta from being sucked in.
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What kind of plant is that btw?

I dont think it's an aquatic plant, sadly. If its one from those tubes they sell, its a relative of "lucky" bamboo, and only the roots are submergeable. Theyre more for terrariums, me thinks.

Its a golden-something...maybe? I cant remember the name :(

Try for a plant like java fern, anubias, wisteria or an amazon sword (which needs lots of gravel), all are easy and wont rot in that tank.

Keep an eye on that plant :B (the one on the left), if it starts to melt/rot, take it out.

Noice fish, nice tank...minus the watch <3
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