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Location: SF, Ca
Summer Breeding Setup (lots o pics)

I left SF for the summer and decided to bring my fish along (betta included), leaving the 12 gallon and the shrimp at the apt as they won't need much attention, just a water top off.

So as I sell pure strain endlers and plants I decided it was a good time to expand the setup for 3 mos and bought a 20 gal long.

I set the tank up the month before I brought down the fish with a used filter, home made lighting rig, free pool filter sand, plants I had in a grow out tank 40 super cherry juvies and 2 amanos I bought from a local breeder.

Anubias and ferns

Pretty much everything else

I have another container of the moss tiles, but no pic :(

super cherries

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Location: SF, Ca

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Location: SF, Ca
So I set the tank up and left for 3 weeks. The light was on a timer and my parents did 1 water top off. Then yesterday I came back with more plants I had grown and all my livestock.

Gyrados the betta
15 Pure Strain Black Bar Endlers
2 Pygmy cories
15 platy fry and 1 full grown painted platy I obtained in a swap

Added the plants and all of the fish last night. Gyarados spent the night in the net breeder so the rest of the fish could settle before he joined the party. He and the female platy have spent most of the day in the caves under the driftwood, but he's taken a few laps, met the platy fry (I've been raising endler fry and shrimplets with him for 4 mos and he could honestly care less about any of them) and made sure there were no intruders (ie his reflection) in his new tank.

Haven't been able to really snap pics of him as he's been deep in the caves and the anubias forest, but I have one.

The female platy is a little shy

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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: SF, Ca

-20 gal long
-pool filter sand
-Tetra Whisper 20-40 HOB filter w/ Purigen
-Hardware lamp with 67000k bulb and timer
-seachem stability
-flourish line of fertz

-Brazilian Pennywort
-Najas grass
-drawf hairgrass
-about 2 softballs worth of christmas moss, arranged on tiles, shrimp pipes and driftwood
-2 golfballs worth of fissidens arranged on tiles
- couple of golfballs of java moss
-some reg and needle java ferns

-40 super rcs
-1 SAE (Jimmy)
-1 pond snail
-15 Pure Strain Black Bar Endlers
-15 platy fry and adult painted female
-2 pygmy cories (They'll be getting friends when we return to SF in august)
-1 SD dragon betta named Gyrados, who's so chill I can trust him with fry and RCS babies

No heater, because it gets 100+ in the summer in the Fresno area. No co2 other than Flourish Excel.

Goal: To breed Pure Strain Endlers, RCS and platies to sell, as well as plants (to offset the cost of the hobby lol) and enjoy doing it.

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Location: California
that's really really pretty
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Old 06-01-2011, 02:18 AM   #6 
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Location: New Jersey
Wow that's awesome! Very nice!
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Location: vallejo, california
your tank is gorgeous
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Old 06-01-2011, 08:51 AM   #8 
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Location: London
Dang... How much did you spend on all of it? that tank is amazing!
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Old 06-01-2011, 02:47 PM   #9 
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Location: Chicago, IL
I absolutely love your tank!
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Old 06-01-2011, 04:20 PM   #10 
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: USA
Good job-your tank looks great....I love the moss tiles and tubes- are you going to hang any moss tiles on the back wall.....I need to do that myself...laffs.....RCS love that I have several male Bettas that could care less about my RCS..but the females will wipe them out.......I didn't see any pic of your Endlers...those are nice fish......I want to get some one day...but with all the guppies I keep- you don't want to risk any cross-breeding-so important to keep Endlers pure IMO..... and I have lots and lots of guppies....I guess I could make a species only tank.....nice looking Betta btw.....but it looks like you will be needing another tank real soon......laffs......those plants grow fast.......I don't know about you....but it didn't cost me very much to setup planted much of it can be done low cost...especially the lights and biggest cost was start-up plants and that wasn't much......when happy they grow really fast and easy to propagate to make your own starts.......and that is what I do too.....I sell a lot of what I breed and propagate so it doesn't cost me much....Endlers and RCS are big sellers too at least IME and corydoras are easy to breed too-do you plan on spawning them for re-sale......I also keep/raise the yellow color morph of shrimp, Neon, Danios, BN pleco, fancy guppies, marble crayfish along with Bettas, RCS and about 15 different species of plants myself that I sell twice a year to pay for my hobby and have fun doing the best part......

Do you like the pool filter looks bigger than play sand...any problems with the corydoras barbels with it...not too sharp...I like the look of it better than playsand or at least it looks good in your one pic it looked like the tank was sitting on the it?....I would be afraid something would hit it and break....that would be a mess.....

Have you thought about using soil/dirt under your sand......I have had great luck with my natural planted tanks and I don't have to use any ferts this way either.....I like that do make clay balls to stick in the substrate so I guess you could count that as ferts of

Look forward to seeing your planted tank grow...hope you post more pics....
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