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Usually, the siphon wont be strong or large enough, and he'd swim away anyway. The one I posted with the link isnt strong enough. Its all done with gravity.

This is the ammonia testing kit Im talking about. Its great, the directions tell you what to do. It shows the level of ammonia in the tank.
(you would need* this for cycling)

This is the "master kit", it tests hardness, pH, nitrate, nitrite, and other things (but not ammonia), its less usefull, id say, than an ammonia one, but good to have if you dont mind the price. Its very accurate.

Then the hawkeye is for you. The hex is kinda...stange. Its not much taller, but at the same time, it is. Probably from its shape. (Its weird, hah.) You'll like the hawkeye! Make sure the shelf can carry 50+lbs, though (thats just the water weight!), probably more like 60-70 lbs once the gravel, decor, filter, water and tank are included.

And b'aww. Im sure you'll find one. Its harder to tell the tail types, to be honest, you might have trouble telling if she's a VT, DT or a SDT :P

Good luck!
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So I was at PetSmart earlier today and I think I have decided on a tank I want to save all my cash and coins up for.

Here it is:

Any opinions? Since I am likely going to get one more Betta once I get used to the new tank I think it would be better for both if I were to get a 10 gallon and divide.
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I like it! Ive personally never dealt with it, but I must admit, marineland is my favorite brand as far as tanks, heaters, etc. They just plain make good stuff.

Its a good lookin' tank, too.

They sell sturdy, pre-fab (to fit in 10 gallon tanks) dividers that are easy to install at petsmarts, usually made by topfin. It has a clear dividing mesh, which can be a little over-stressful, imo/e....Try and get your hands on some craft mesh (plastic) at a store, lots of them have it, especially craft stores. Its usually around 50 cents, which is great. Get two sheets, as it makes it harder to see through. Darker colors, too.

:D I cant wait to see it once you get it. Youll love it.
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