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Old 06-08-2011, 02:49 PM   #11 
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Don't feel too bad, mine just killed a ghost shrimp and now we can't find the pond snail. He wasn't being to nice to him either! He seemed quite entertained by the whole thing.
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I don't seem to have issues with my betta and my ghost shrimp. I actually have a problem with the ghost shrimp smacking the bettas around if they get to food that the shrimp has already scoped out. Mine will literally jump all over the bettas to get the food back. I have 1 male gorami betta and 2 female betta and my 2 ghost shrimp are completely fearless and will stand their ground.

I do however have an issue with my male betta picking on my golden mystery snail. He will pick at his antenna and badger him until he hides for a few hours.
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Originally Posted by redbettagirl View Post
I hope that Steve isn't simply waiting for the shrimp to molt too!
Actually the shrimp did molt (I cannot decide on naming him either Roskolnikov or Camus). Steve does not care in the slightest that a shrimp is hanging out in the bottom of his tank.
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I can't help but laugh at this thread >.< Who knew such beautiful, small fish would be so vicious? Lol!
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Aw I've got 2 amano shrimp in with my boy and he swims past them and they don't flinch. Been a few months now :)
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