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beata backfire

man is it true that a male beata can nly go with 2 females is this true if not how many can he go with i already know that if one is mature and one isnt they will kill each other
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how big of a tank are you putting them in? You really shouldnt keep males and females together at all. If the female is not ready with eggs then he may harass her to death or she may retaliate and kill him. In a very large tank you may be able to have them togther because the females have space to flee and hide but the best method is to set up a breeding tank ideal for breeding and raising fry and then keep only the male in there. Have some females in a seperate tank and when they become ready with eggs, introduce them to the male's tank and watch to see if they mate. Its even better if you can introduce the female in the males tank but keep her seperated so that the male can build his bubble nest and "show" for her and she doesnt get harmed. I know there are other ways of doing it but that method is used a lot and worked well for me too...I would read up on it first and if anyone else has suggestions im sure they are much appreciated.
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Don't put them together, one will eventaully kill the other one. Females get along really well but males are solitary.

As for breeding, a net breeder or a jar works fine to introduce the female but you still need to watch them very closely even if he builds a bubble nest.
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