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How often and how much should I change the water?

Okay, last time I asked I was told 50% per week, which is what I've been doing along with suctioning any debris out of the gravel with a turkey baster. But I thought I would ask again just to make sure.

Tank stats:

-5.5 gallons



-Heavily planted

-Occupants: One betta, two otocinclus, accidental snail population that is about to be decimated by tweezers and clove oil.
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Dont put the clove oil in with the feeeessshhh D;

Id say that's fine...The two otos are freakin' me out a little bit, though. Is it REALLY heavily planted, like, lots of stem plants as well as root growers?

Maybs shove a 25% siphon in there at some point as well for good measure.
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I know I knowwww that's why the tweezers take the snails out and then dump them in the clove oil. >_>

Yeah, there are a ton of stem plants.... my green temple's main cluster just died, so I've got to replace that, but yeah. There's so much java fern and crypt in there that my parents are always telling me it needs weeded, haha. There's an old photo in my albums, stuff has grown since then.

I really should move the otos to a different tank, but it just seems to be working so well at the moment. They scour the glass and plants clean, and I supplement them every so often with an algae wafer. They could be fatter, and I'm working on a way to do that without nastying the water, but overall everyone seems largely content and Robert leaves them alone for the most part other than the occasional short chase and nip.
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