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Old 06-08-2011, 01:10 PM   #1 
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Red face Sigh. Divided tank not working out.

My divided 10g upstairs isnt working out, they arent getting enough attention there (in the kitchen/living room) so my betta Blue is tailbiting.

Red got caught in between the divider and the mesh today I added to the divider to stop them from seeing each other since it's clear, and I don't know how long he was stuck there.
Sure freaked me out when I tore apart his side looking for him! I was so scared he'd jumped out or into Blue's side, so I was moving things around in Blue's side to see if Red was there, when, lo and behold, I saw movement in the divider -_- Red was fine, a little stressed, but he got air right away and ate. Phew!

So, because Blue is tailbiting and the mesh to stop them from seeing each other is a danger factor, I'm gonna set up my other 10g tonight for one of them, and move them both down here so I can give them more attention.

Water changes will be easier with them down here too, since I already have all my tank supplies here. (I'm in the downstairs level of the house, my mom is in the main floor, I get lots of space :D) I'll have all three bettas in my room :)

One of them I put in the other 10g wont have a heater though, but I can alternate the heater and filter usage, even though I likely won't even cycle the tanks that way until I can get another filter. It's summer now, and even at night when it's cold I keep it warm, so heating the tank isnt a big deal, but I'm gonna be sure to keep an eye on it. I will get a heater and a filter for the tank before fall. I just live in a remote town with no access to pet stores. My Home Hardware has my reliable stick-on thermometers, so I'll get another one of those today. My inside-tank therm. was used when my deceased betta Finny has some sort of issue, so I can't use it. Don't want to risk it.

I'll have to use the super-ugly rainbow gravel possibly, unless I go bare bottom. Do bettas see their reflection in bare-bottom tanks? I got the rainbow gravel when I got the two 10g's used a few months ago. I wish they had come with hoods :/ I'll figure all that out though, and go get some craft mesh today to use as a makeshift cover for one of the tanks. I'm using a reptile lid on the divided 10g with saran wrap covering the big gap the filter leaves right now as a makeshift cover XD It doesnt stop cat fur from getting in :/

Anyway, just wanted to share. Sometimes divided tanks don't work out. There was even a time when Red got into Blue's side, luckily only a couple nips were taken on each others tails. Word of advice to people with divided tanks: Have another tank handy, even if it's just the tank and not some fancy full kit setup. :P

Sorry for the long post! I'd be amazed if you guys read it all XD
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Old 06-08-2011, 01:37 PM   #2 
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Florida
Divided tanks can be quite stressful..I recently had one fail..unfortunately my only backup was my QT 1 I have one guy living in the QT. until i can get him something bigger,hopefully another 10 gallon.

I personally wouldn't alternate the heater...It could stress the fish out if the temperature fluctuates too much.Sometimes you can find heaters and other stuff online cheaper than in store.

my 5 gallon is a bare bottom tank for the moment.I had sand in there that I ended up not it is bare bottom until I find something I like.. it doesn't seem to bother my betta...but I think it looks quite bare now...
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Old 06-08-2011, 01:52 PM   #3 
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Yeah, it is pretty stressful :P I want them to be happy, and they werent, hence Blue's tailbiting. The mesh covering the stupid clear divider was a hazard I had never thought about. Oh well, live and learn!

You can get clear sterilite tubs for cheap, just get one that looks decently sized, and your betta could live in something larger until you're able to get him that 10 gallon :) I'd do that if I had access to such tubs. Small town, sigh. XD I'm glad I had the extra 10g sitting around so I don't have to use the 1g QT kritter keeper I have.

I hadn't thought of the temp flucuations, silly me. Makes sense. I'll keep my room heater near the tank constantly then. ^^ With a low setting and careful monitoring, of course. :)

I didn't want the bare look, but I think I'd rather bare to hideous old used rainbow gravel that came with the tanks that I havent touched XD Haha. Good to know it doesnt bother your betta!
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Old 06-08-2011, 01:54 PM   #4 
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: US
Divided tanks are definitely a hit-or-miss...

The 10 gallon can have a lowered water level (5-6 inches?) and some tannis added for the time being if you have nothing that will work for a top. He should be fine. Seran wrap is always super helpful for me, though, and if you poke holes in it, works great!

I wouldn't switch the heater/filter either. Just leave the one set-up, and do your best with this 10 gallon. It won't need a heater for a couple months if you keep your area pretty consistent, and it won't need a filter if you frequently change out the water. Also, if you're doing twice-a-week water changes, you can add in warmer water. Or everyday take some water out, and replace it with warmer water to keep the temps up if your water likes to creep down into the low 70s.

Bare-bottom is nice. My male is in a plastic container right now that is completely bare-bottom to look for parasites in him. There's just a mug, little decoration thing, and a thermometer. He doesn't like it too much, but I must to consider if I need to treat him or not! And if your betta freaks, have a fugly tank for awhile! LOL!

Good luck!
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Old 06-08-2011, 05:06 PM   #5 
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Awe, I'm sorry to hear your tank isn't working out the way you'd hoped. 8C I hope that soon you'll be able to get things straightened out, cause that can't be fun. I've a 4-way divided 10 gallon, and it works really wonderfully for me, though once previously I had an issue with gappy dividers. I learned to cut them a bit bigger though, and now all is well.
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Old 06-08-2011, 06:00 PM   #6 
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Yeah, things'll be straightened out tonight when I set up the other tank. The fish will be happier :)

I just got some black plastic canvas mesh, so I'll use that as a cover for the other 10g. :)
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