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With 1-4gal tank with a filter...twice weekly 50%..1-50% water only and 1-50% to include substrate vacuum...with added plants...depends on the number and species of live plants as well as growth state......lots of stem plants...50% weekly should maintain water quality in 1-4gal tanks with a single Betta....
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^^ okay thankyou ofl
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Originally Posted by Oldfishlady View Post
Welcome to the forum........

Don't be too hard on sounds like you took pretty good care of him and IMO he most likely died due to age related factors.....

The link you posted with the pic of the area in question is on that Bettas body and your Betta had a white growth on his fin...look up lymphocystis and see if that looks like what he had growing on him....if it is viral and usually not fatal unless it impedes swimming, eating etc......and not treatable per se....more comfort related treatment generally.....

I conducted several experiments (non-scientific) over the years and one was on small unfiltered containers with a single Betta to monitor ammonia and water change needs.....

I found that in 1-4gal unfiltered tanks without live plants with a single adult Betta....water changes of 1-50% and 1-100% weekly would maintain water quality and fin health in an already healthy Betta-provide that the Betta was not overfed an without leftover food in the tank that could decay.....

The weekly water changes you conducted on the 2gal unfiltered tank...IMO/E/experiments....had little impact if any on his demise-he was a healthy happy Betta for 2.5 years in your care and he was most likely at least 6-8mo of age when you got him...making him roughly 3+ years of age....this species of fish has a rather short lifespan to start...average 2-3 years...rarely 5 years.......IMO-it was age related and not anything you did wrong........however, I would increase the water changes to twice weekly and get a thermometer to monitor the water temp in the tank and the water used for water changes in the may or may not need a heater...your goal is to maintain a somewhat stable water temp in the 76-80F range.....

Sorry for your loss and don't give up....look forward to hearing about and seeing your next Betta........
Thank you for your advice ^_^ I'm still currently looking for the right Betta. Haven't found one yet. But I'll post pics and such when I do.
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Originally Posted by Blazer23 View Post
My betta lived for 7 years in a 1 gallon bowl with 100% water changes every two weeks.
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