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First attempt at spawning

I've read through the list of questions and i've answered most of them. I've read through the list of equipment and I am starting to acquire them.
The one thing I have not read on here is about selecting pairs. I am a first time breeder and I don't really want to spend 30-40 dollars per fish and end up having them get killed or injured badly in the process. Is it okay to use a petco fish for your first few spawns to get a hold of it and then from there get a "nicer" fish?
I don't plan on making any money from selling the fry but i do have a few homes set up for them.
To all those breeders, did you start with a petco fish and move up or what?
Thanks in advance to everybody
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My first pair was a pair of CTs from petco. Looking back I wish I had started with a better pair since it was difficult to home the fry, but then again, I also had plans to breed long term (not just to experience it). Your pair depends on your goals as a breeder. Are you planning on making your own strain or just want to breed them for fun? If you want to be a serious breeder, then I would just spend the extra money to get a good pair, but if you are just doing it for fun then you can breed Petco bettas. The only tail type you would be able to breed from Petco safely are CTs though since those are the only good females they sell.
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Lakewood, CO
Well i would like to make my own strain but that depends on a lot of things. I am currently in college almost done and looking to start a career. So a lot of it depends on money. If i plan on getting a good pair(which is sounds like I should) where should i be looking? I've looked at aquabid and seen some beautiful fish, but I don't know exactly what to be looking for.
I've looked at some of the genetics of betta looking at crossing what lines gets you what kind of finnage and coloring ect but i wouldn't know where to start when creating my own line. I don't even know what i'd want my own line to be.
I love plakats but it seems they are not the most popular.
Thanks for the input though darkmoon :)
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